Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I Am Not Joining Your Facebook Group

Justice For Maddy, Baby P - It Must Never Happen Again, Death Penalty for Paedophiles, Save Ross And Brand, 1 Million People Who Hate George Bush, Let's Castrate Gary Glitter, these are all real Facebook groups, and I am not joining any of them.

There are hundreds and hundres of groups like this on Facebook, each dedicatd to some cause or other, almost all of these groups have a couple of things in common....

1) By joining them people seem to think they are accomplishing something, they are wrong.

2) These groups are silent, soon after their inception and initial burst of membership appliacations they are forgotten by their members and never visited again.

By joining these groups do you seriously think you are going to change the world ? Do the 850 members of "Gordon Brown - We Demand A General Election Now!!!" really think that the Prime Minister gets up every morning and then checks his Facebook to see if the critical public mass that will force him in to an early election has been achieved ? Of course he bloody doesn't. I'll tell you what, he doesn't look at "Gordon Brown - Throw In The Towel And Resign" (1,141 members) or "Come On Mr Gordon Brown...Free The Weed!!!!!! (982 members) either.

I am not knocking people for wanting to be more interestd in current affairs or politics or any of the really important issues of the day. I would encourage you to talk to your MP, or write to them, join a protest and man the barricades, chain yourself naked to your best friend in the middle of the road to complain about the treatment of democrats in Myanmar, good stuff, get yourself noticed.

The paragraph below is the introductory passage from a group I was invited to join yesterday, it is called "In Favour Of Death Penalty 4 Rapist, Murderers & Paedophiles".......

"Sex is a gift from God, if a girl doesnt want it dont force her. Dont ruin her lyf, bt we all know some mens are woser then animals, they dont care so we shoudnt care them. Someone who feels its okay to kill, should be sent direct 2 hell, burn motha fuka burn. Paedophile, i personally believe they should be shot in public, totured etc."

So what do we know about this group, well, the group leader is barely able to write a coherent sentence, he/she is filled with the sort of poisonous bile and hatred more commonly espoused by readers of the Daily Mail, and he/she advocates public torture sessions, wonderful, do not pass go, go strait to Abu Graib.

If you want to re-instate the death penalty for convicted paedophiles, then write to your MP, start a campaign group, run a few adverts in newspapers (the Daily Mail will probably give you a discount rate to do this), march in the streets, purchase the services of a political lobbyist, do something, but don't join a Facebook group and then never visit the group page ever again.

I do care about 'Justice for Baby P', but for the life of me I cannot see what the Facebook group of that name is trying to achieve, the issues surrounding that particular case are much more complex than your blunt demand "it must never happen again" seems to think.

If you really want to achieve something, I would recommened that you start with voting, at every possible election, then write to your MP, go and see them at their surgery if you're really worried about something, but of course you're not worried really. Well, not worried enough to do anything that would take any effort on your behalf anyway.

And blogging, it's just a half step away from Facebook groups, I know.

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