Monday, December 01, 2008

The Highly Trained Professionals Of Aegis Evolution

There were five of us from our Corp, Ama, Moa, Backflip, Drauxx and myself, plus five allied pilots, waiting in a good ambush position on the low security side of a high sec/low sec gate.

Every so often a ship comes through the gate, and we chatter away on our headsets. If he's blue, he goes through, if he's grey (nuetral to us) or red (our enemies) we unleash a hideous firestorm upon him and reduce his ship to atoms, then shoot his escape pod for good measure.

Four ships came through at once, a huge and slow freighter supported by three smaller combat ships.

"FIRE FIRE FIRE" shouts Ama and we all shoot, our screens become a mass of beam lasers and missiles and explosions, a few seconds later it's all over. All four enemy ships have been destroyed, as has Backflip's ship.

"Who got the killmails ?" asks one of the fleet guys. The killmail is a document that says who killed which enemy ship, who else helped, how much damage each attacker did etc.

Ama has got most kills, as per usual I got none. Then I ask who killed Backflip, there is a pause, and some laughter in my headset, and then a voice says....

"That was me." Cue much laughter, in all the confusion of the ambush, Ama has had some sort of kill frenzy and has targetted and killed Backflip in addition to the enemy ships, but he did buy him a new ship by way of apology.

The other question often asked by my comrades in battle is..."Who is that woman that keeps shouting 'GEEKS' over the intercom ?", er, sorry lads, that would be my wife.

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