Monday, December 15, 2008

Fair Listen

Project for 2009, up until the point where I get bored/busy and forget all about it of course.

Alex over at 101 Of A Wolf has her busy life all mapped out for 1001 days begining January 1st 2009.

I'm not going to be so adventurous as to try 101 things to do, but something did strike me whilst I was perusing my Scrobbler Library the other day.

Artists in my library - 1,734. I thought that was a pretty good amount, reflecting my ever more diverse/perverse tastes in music, but when I looked at the last pages of my library I discovered lots of bands who had only a single listen to their name, who are these people, these lost voices of music.

Actually it's worse than that, I have added a number of bands to my library that I havn't even listened to a single track by. What passing interest made me add Planetshakers, June Tabor, Dread Zeppelin and Fema Kuti and then not botherto hear them ? I can't answer.

Nor can I tell you why Credo, The Girls, Steel Pulse, Bullyrag or Robbie Williams got just a single play and were then dropped into lower recesses of my list never to be listened to again. Oh, actually, in Robbie Williams case I do know why, but let's not wander into the red herring maze of slagging former boy band members for the moment.

Is it fair that Gilla Bruja's entire output is only represented by a single listen in my library ? Surely not, and there must be more to discover in the back catalogue of Django Rheinhardt than one scant listen can reveal.

So, my task (until boredom strikes) is to give all those poor single listen souls a fair turn of the deck and listen to at least an album's worth of songs.

Who knows, by this time next year The Clash might have been toppled from their perch at the top of my chart by Big Bill Broonzy, Anna Nalick or, oh dear, James Blunt.

(Read this hyperlinked on Scrobbler)

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