Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cricket In India Anyone ?

It is being reported today that up to half of the England team may refuse to play in India, personally, I would not blame any member of the England team who does not wish to travel back to India to play in the two test series.

The ECB and BCCI are assuring the team and fans that the test match grounds and hotels are secure and safe, but how can they make such a claim following the dreadful slaughter that took place in Mumbai last week ?

Mike Atherton revealed himself as a prize idiot in the press yesterday when he made a snide comment that some players "would rather spend the run up to christmas in the Dog And Duck" rather than playing cricket. Atherton seems to think that the England players are lazy, I would say they have a genuine fear for their lives. This is not comparable to players in the past refusing to tour India because of moans over food and living conditions.

Confusion still reigns over the terrorist attack in Mumbai, the exact number of terrorists remains unclear, it is not known whether this was the only functional cell or if there may be other cells of similar size already prepared. It is unfortunately almost impossible to guarantee team and public safety against a force that not only accpets death as a possibility, but embraces it as a certainty.

If any members of the team decide not to tour, then Pieterson should withdraw the whole team from the remainder of the tour. Players unwilling to tour in this particular situation should not be ostracised and sending a half strength squad to face India would do no favours to either the home or away teams.

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