Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two Feet Of Serious Winter

When we headed north out of Toronto yesterday morning it was cold and bright, and although we had the faintest dusting of snow in the city the night before nothing had stuck to the ground. (Many thanks to Phil & Charlotte for the excellent dinner, and I hope you're both feeling ok after the evil whisky drinking Yorkshireman persuaded you into single malts later on!).

As we drove on towards Collingwood there was gradually more and more snow on the ground, Canadians obviously see a lot of snow, to us it was very beautiful and quite exciting, thus I was taking snow pictures from the car window as we drove.

The closer we got towards Collingwood, the deeper the snow became.

And then the blizzard started. We had though that the Canadians with their vast experience of deep winter and serious snow would take this all in their stride, but no, many of them seem to drive just like the Brits do in snow and we saw a few cars in ditches at the roadside, and one snowplough that had run off the road and got itself stuck.

Bill, Meg and Tatiana out for a winter's walk.

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