Saturday, November 08, 2008


We have arrived safely in Toronto, the flights were good, KLM looked after us very well, really well in fact. I made a bit of a bugger getting off the plane and left Meg's coat on board, we had already gone through the initial customs control but they let me back through (when everyone had got off the plane) to go and get it.

Walking back up the gangway to the plane I was stopped by the captain, who said that members of the public were not allowed back on board for security reasons, fair enough. When I explained what I had done though he escorted me back to the plane to collect the coat, what a nice man.

Many thanks to Bill and Tatiana who picked us up from the airport last night, and more thanks to B&T, Damian, Lisa, Charlotte and Phil who treated us to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, a quantity of Chianti was consumed.

The bladerunner-esqeu picture was taken from our hotel bedroom window, excuse the slightly shaky quality (see previous notes about Chianti). Today we have walked around the city through Chinatown and Kensington, down to the waterfront, and had lunch at Captain John's, a ship moored in the harbour which is like the National Canndian Museum Of Tat, where we were served by a waiter who was the male equivalent of Julie Walters in the two soups sketch, but who cares, we're on holiday so everything is great.

The CN Tower is visible from all over the city, we are dining in the restaurant on that bulgy bit in a couple of weeks time.

Dried prawns and fish displayed outside a shop in Chinatown, there was quite a pungent smell from both the dried seafoods and the mushroom stall next door.

Street art in the eclectic Kensington area, we were there earlyish this morning, the artistic types who run Kensington's cafes and shops don't get up that early though. Whereas 10am in Leeds would see the shops buzzing, 10am in Kensington saw just a handful of shop owners begining to open their bazaars.

Er yes, its a horizontal statue of a man with his heart floating away from his chest.

Catchy, groovy, hippy and weird, that's Kensington, it had a lovely offbeat vibe even with most of the places closed.

OK, YS is on holiday, prepare yourselves for tales of gastronomic adventure and excess. Not this early in the morning though, the orange dyed cuttlefish were last seen in the pages of a H P Lovecraft story, the tin foil dishes on the bottom right contain similarly orange hued piles of intestines and other mostly unidentifiable animal innards, I didn't go in.

So far, Canada / Toronto is wonderful, I do love visiting big cities, I wouldn't ever want to live in one but they are great fun for short periods. Tonight we have tickets for the biggest ice hockey match of the season, Toronto Maple Leafs vs Montreal Canadiens, apparently its the sort of game that resonates with same sort of good will to your fellow man brought about by Old Firm derbies and Liverpool vs Man U matches, it sounds wonderful, their are many Canadiens fans wandering around already and they assure us they are going to win.

Tomorrow we're moving on, don't know where yet, I'll report from wherever we end up.

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