Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Up until now, every photo of my own that I have posted here has had no more editing then just cropping or resizing, however, after spending a day messing around with Photoscape and browsing some of the the excellent photostreams to be seen on Flickr I thought I may as well edit my pics as everyone else seems to.

Some of the photos in the bolton Abbey post have been digitally enhanced, the paintings inside the church had the light balance altered to show the paintings more clearly, the photo of the new ceiling was backlighted to better show the roof details and the photo of the church door was sharpened as it was ever so slightly out of focus. does this make any difference, is it cheating ? Well, it has provided 3 better quality pictures, and perhaps when I can operate the editing software better my pictures will also be better.

This photo of the Abbey has been sharpened and had a fake tilt shift applied to it, and now the Abbey looks like a model building.

I also bought a guidebook to better explain the detailed workings of my Canon 400 DSLR, I think that when I come back from holiday I might buy myself some filters, and a tripod,and perhaps a better flash, oh good grief, I can see this getting expensive.

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