Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Only Weight Loss Is From My Wallet

I have not been to Cannons Gym in ages, so I decided to cancel my membership, I wrote a polite letter explaining this which the gym received on 7th Nov.

The gym replied and said that due to the terms and conditions of my membership they required a full calendar month's notice for cancellation and thus would be taking another fee on the 1st of December.

Greedy buggers.

I have sent the following reply.......

"Dear _______ ,

I wrote to you earlier this month to inform you that I wished to cancel my membership of Cannons. I have not used the gym for some time and do not wish to continue my membership.

I was very disappointed to receive your reply which refused to cut off my membership and in which you insist on claiming another month's fees.

I will be quite clear, I have not used the gym for months, I will not be using the facilities in December, I think that 3 weeks is quite enough notice to terminate my membership.

As I will not be using the facilities I will not be paying a fee for such and have cancelled my direct debit.

To be honest, charging for a service which will not be used, especially when I have given notice, smacks of greed. I am sorry that you have decided that this was an appropriate course of action as when I did use the gym I enjoyed my membership and thought all the staff to be helpful and considerate.

Yours _______ "

Why couldn't they have just cancelled my membership, there would have been a chance then that I might have gone back at some point in the future. Instead I now feel really annoyed at Cannons and there is virtually no chance that would get me back as a member.

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