Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NaNoWriMoOnly 7,000 words to go, which sounds great, as long as I can get the characters into my planned ending in that time.

Excerpt...(with no spell checking or editing as per NaNoWriMo guidelines)

"The final descent into the centre of the dropship’s clearing was terrifying. The wood men had gone completely silent on the last part of the flight, trying to hold their aura’s in check, nevertheless the troops on the ground heard them and opened fire. As the leading group of gliders came over the last line of trees and saw the dropship and its encampment before them they flew into a hail of fire.

The wooden structures of the wings, combined with the low level life signs of the wood men, made it hard for the ground forces and multi guns to aim easily at the incoming gliders. What they did instead was unleash a horrifying aerial fire storm that the gliders had to cross. Lines of tracer soared up into the deep dusk sky and dozens of guns chattered into life below them.

The wing immediately to their left took a direct hit from a pulse gun, with a massive splintering of wood the wing folded in on itself, it stopped moving forwards at once and plummeted to the ground with any survivors pinned helpless in the wreckage.

One of the wood men strapped in two to Keely’s right started writhing and shouting, a large arrow had struck him in the groin and green fire played around his hips and upper legs. Keely found she was screaming herself, but it didn’t matter now, she screamed in terror as bullets sang around them, there was a patter of impacts to her left but she couldn’t tell if they had hit wing structure or wood man. The rest of Vicence’s wood men were screaming now, shouting their hatred of the enemy, raising a battle cry to strengthen their own hearts.

The Dropship and the buildings around it were approaching at a sickening rate, Keely tried to brace herself against the impact but hung inside her leather bag there was little she could do. Amidst the tumult of voices and the thunder of guns they came in. At a shout from Vicence they all pulled hard on a thin rope at their sides, the stitching at the bottom of their flight bags ripped loose and Keely and the other kicked their legs clear of the material.

With the ground only feet below them, and still travelling at speed, Vicence pulled the guide ropes with all his strength, the nose of the wing pulled up sharply, there was a heavy impact and shattering sound to Keely’s right and with a lurch the wing bounced down and then rolled violently forwards. With the end of its right wing torn away by a pulse cannon blast the wing dropped on that side, and then the shattered wing strut caught in the soil and pitched over in an ungainly flip forwards and sideways. The remaining seven riders were thrown over the wing, some of them being hurled out of their flight bags as the wing rolled.

Keely was winded and had banged her head hard when the wing flipped, her rifles had been torn off in the crash but in a moment she had both pistols out and was crouched behind the wing and began firing at the gun emplacements on the perimeter. The defending troops had made a fundamental error when digging their emplacements, they had not expected any attack from the rear and were stood in shallow trenches behind solid barricades which now faced the wrong way."


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