Monday, November 10, 2008

Canadian Cuisine

We moved out from central Toronto yesterday and thought that for a laugh we would visit one of the many towns in this part of Canada that are named after places in Yorkshire and England. Scarborough, Grimsby and Whitby are all towns in Ontario, and we went to the latter.

Note to tourists in Ontario, Whitby closes on Sundays. Seriously, for a town boasting 100,000+ inhabitants there were virtually no places in the centre of town open, unable to find anywhere nice to eat we retired to the main road lined with the sort of chain restaurants and fast food places that you see all over America. Unwilling to enter a McDonald's or Wendy's, I saw this place and thought we'd try it on the basis that I had never heard of it.

Lick's is a local chain and as far as burger places go, it was really good. The burgers are thick and meaty, a mile away from the strange gray circles you get at McDonald's, you get to choose your own salads and pickles from the cheery and polite staff and you can get one of the food items recommended in our guidebook, poutine, shown bottom right in the photograph.

Poutine is apparently a local fast food 'delicacy', chips with cheese and gravy, it isn't too bad, warming and homely.

I am still on the look out for some more unusual things to try, seal perhaps, or moose steak, or polar bear fillet, our Canadian friends were amused, baffled and horrified in about equal parts by the seal suggestion so perhaps that one is a no go.

We had a quite stunning dinner last night at the Breakwater Restaurant in Port Credit, we took pictures of the meals, much to the amusement of the waiters, as the layout was so stunning, I'll post a full review at some point.

I have been out walking the lake front path through the nice parks this morning, Meg has been shopping, now we're going out for lunch.

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