Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yorkshiresoul's Arse - Bigger Than Pen-y-Ghent !

Three days ago the heroic competitors in this year's OMM were walking through Biblical storms and floods, today we wandered up Whernside in lovely crisp Autumnal sunshine.

Stephen and Wosser with Whernside behind them.

Ribblehead Viaduct.

Joseph and Kevin striding up the hill, Jo and Stephen soon turned into mountain goats and went scampering up the hill whilst us older / fatter / much less fit old farts ached and creaked and moaned our way up.

It was a busy day on Whernside, with lots of hikers and campers walking up and down.

Ingleborough in the background.

At the summit, Kevin, Patrick, Wosser, Stephen, Joseph, YS behind the camera.

Lunch, and whilst I'm wandering around taking pictures, Wosser utters the sort of comment that could go down in the gang's folklore, "YS, move your arse - I can't see Pen-Y-Ghent."

The weather today was cool and sunny on the way up, but the incoming weather front pushed a band of freezing air in front of it and brought the lightest dusting of snow on the way down. On two of my last three ascents of Whernside the weather conditions have been atrocious, especially when I did the 3 Peaks with Steve, so it was really nice today to walk up in good weather.

Hill walking is great fun, and I'm really happy that my mates are starting to join me, I've walked all my life ever since being introduced to it as a cub scout and I would encourage anyone to get out into the countryside. Just learn how to read a map and use a compass, be weather aware and get yourself out there, push yourself a bit and see how wonderful our little island can be.

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