Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yorkshire Soul's Black Hole Quiz Series Finale

As pointed out, I have been rather laggardly getting this one done, nevertheless, I have retrieved the e-mails from the black hole of my inbox......

1) The final scene of which film features a rainbow haired punk and a man in a rabbit costume riding across a park on a motorbike ? (1)

Steel Magnolias

2) What would you be wearing if you posed for s Spencer Tunick photograph ? (1)

Nothing, you would be naked

3) A British MP was forced to eat spoonfuls of a white powder, at gunpoint, whilst hiking in Columbia, what was the powder ? (1)

Michael Fabricant was forced to eat coffeemate by soldiers who thought he was smuggling cocaine

4) Who is this ? (1)

Cindy McCain

5) Who is this, and what 'first' has she recently achieved ?

Quentin Bryce, Australia's first woman Governer General

6) What is the name of the building rising from this construction site ? (1)

Burj Dubai, the world's tallest building

7) Who is this ? (1)

Sulaiman Al-Fahim

8) Who is the first person to speak in Othello ? (1)


9) Who should be at the top of this list, and what is the list ? (2)

Halle Barry
Gwyneth Paltrow
Helen Hunt
Marlee Matlin

Reese Witherspoon, actresses to win a Best Actress Oscar with their one and only nomination

10) What kind of bird is this ? (1)


The Scores
MR 9
Didier 8
Mr Moosehead 7

Series 6 Final League

1) Didier 103
1) MR 101
3) Dominic L 67
4) Mr Moosehead 56
5) Chez 53
6) Tony G 49
7) Squirt 36
8) James Hill 34
9) Penny Farthing 31
10) Alistair Taylor 31
11) Dr P 30
12) James Horne 27
13) Lyle 16
14) Stephanie 6

We have a new champion, well done Didier, tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, which land breeds these intellectual giants ?

Series 6) Didier
Series 5) MR (God's Own County)
Series 4) Eleanor (Oh Canada)
Series 3) MR (God's Own County)
Series 2) MR (God's Own County)
Series 1) Dr. P (The Old Enemy)

Well done to everyone, the quiz might return after my holidays, as each series seems to get more long winded than the last don't expect it to finish much before the next decade.....

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