Thursday, October 02, 2008


Don't you love snickets ? I do, the best ones are like this, dark and slightly forbidding, steep and slippery and heading from place to place in an inbetween manner. they might just be pedestrian thoroughfares but whether you know them as snickets or ginnels, or jennels, twittens, jiggers or jittys they seem to offer a promise of discovery and adventure. Their narrow confines and often rough paths seem more akin to caves than boring old pavements.

Where I grew up in Burley-in-Wharfedale snickets were put to great use when we used to have snow. A gang of small boys could make a pile of large snowballs, wait for a passing car and bombard it with our icy missiles and then run off up the snicket, shouting with a heady mix of fear and fun. Of course if you had picked on a particularly vengeful car driver you might find him waiting at the other end of the snicket, then you'd be trapped, afraid to venture out onto the street at either end of the tunnel.

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