Saturday, October 25, 2008

A La Carte Night

Apologies if some of the shots are slightly out of focus or badly composed, it was rather hectic setting the meals up and trying to photograph them at the same time.


Pan seared scallops on a green pea puree with pack choi £4.50

Warm black pudding and chorizo salad £3.50

Lishman’s Merguez sausage with white bean casserole £3.50

Mediterranean fish soup with aioli topped croute £3.50


Pork fillet stuffed with garlic and peppers served on an apple and cider sauce £12.00

Glazed shoulder of lamb with champ and a balsamic jus £12.00

Monkfish fillet with mussels in a saffron cream sauce £13.00

Seared duck breast on a sweet potato puree with crispy pancetta served with a red wine reduction £12.00

We know we didn't get the reduction right on this one, so we reduced it again to get a better consistency, but I didn't take a pic of that one as it was getting a little hectic.


Pear frangipane tart with white chocolate sauce £3.25

Baked apple filled with brandy soaked vine fruits and served with vanilla ice cream £3.25

Whiskey and honey cream parfait with coffee syrup £3.50

A selection of cheeses served with biscuits and chutney £3.95

Two people have contributed hugely to tonight's success, chef Phil pictured above without whom we simply couldn't have cooked the food, and Meg who managed the room (and turned our card room into a lovely country house styled dining room), printed the special menu's and generally did all the things that I forgot. Thanks also to the Presidents and Captains and the Hon Sec for letting us show off, and to my Chairman of House John for having the confidence in us to let us do this. Not to forget Rob, Paula and Julia who did an excellent job of waiting and clearing and serving on.

I missed pictures of some of the desserts, but we have some spare so I might set them up and photograph them tomorrow.

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