Friday, October 10, 2008

It Is, Are You ?

It is what though ? The Independent seems to have have taken a turn for the worse under new editor Roger Alton. I buy a 'broadsheet' newspaper because I want to read real news presented in an informed and intelligent manner, but it is becoming clear that Alton's interests are pushing the Indy to become an upmarket tabloid.

Last Friday's issue was the final straw for me....

Front Page - half page taken up with photo of the golden statue of Kate Moss
page 3) A puff piece about BBC broadcasting in the vent of nuclear war + 1/3rd page advert
Page 5) 1/3rd page advert
page 6) 1/2 page advert
page 7) Large photograph of catwalk models to accompany report on Stella McCartney's new clothing collection + 1/2 page advert
page 8) 1/3 page advert
page 9) 1/3 page advert
page 10) Full page advert
page 11) Half page piece, with a large photograph of Girls Aloud, titled Blogger 'wrote of murdering Girls Aloud', this report really belonged in the News Of The World
page 12) Full page advert
page 13) Full page of pictures of art based on Kate Moss
page 14) Full page advert
page 15) Full page advert
page 16) Full page advert
page 17) 1/2 page advert
page 18) Article about woman priest who was forced to flee parish due to death threats
page 19) Full page advert
page 20) 2/3 page advert
page 21) 2/3 page advert
page 22) Full page advert
page 23) Pandora
page 24) Full page advert
page 25) World News Section - full page on the discovery of the wreckage of Steve Fosset's plane
page 26) 2/3 page advert
and on and on and on and on.

The Indy has become one of those dreadful free 'newspapers' that you get stuck through your letterbox, it is crammed full of advertising and the reporting has increasingly turned away from serious journalism and thought provoking opinion pieces and is instead becoming obsessed with fashion and base 'art' which is used as an excuse to print photographs of scantily clad young women.

In fact, the Indy seems to have become The Telegraph of a few years ago, I stopped reading the Telegraph for exactly the same reasons, I want to read about the serious issues of the day, so it's on to The Times for me.

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