Thursday, October 02, 2008

Home Beat

Window at the Manor House Museum.

The sundial at the side of All Saints.

Autmun colour in the main car park.

Peering through a knot hole in a garden fence, I know this shot didn't really work, the hole just needed to be a fraction bigger, I may be an avid trespasser but I'm no vandal .

I have seen a lot of these missing cat/pet notices around Ilkley this year, have we just been careless with our animals, or is there a more sinister reason to all these vanished pets ?

Gargoyle on the church at Ben Rhydding.

Looking above the shop fronts in Ben Rhydding.

Railway bridge detail, Ben Rhydding.

The Red Pepper Deli and mid afternoon customer.

Lastly, whose house is this ? Home to the fattest cat in Yorkshire..........

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