Friday, October 03, 2008

Danger - Keep Out

It just piques my curiosity.

I saw this plate which someone had thrown out of the house, the scene very closely mirrored the shot by Januaryman in What Are Hubcaps For ? (scroll down).

This vast property sits in the middle of affluent Ilkley, it has obviously been abandoned for a considerable period of time.

The house sits in a large, and very wild, garden and the land alone must be worth a huge amount of money. I'm still very much a small boy when it comes to places like this, I feel drawn to explore them. I've wandered around a few times in the old Middleton Hospital grounds on the other side of town, I traipse regularly beyond "Private" and "No entry" signs when I'm out hiking, and I have even walked through one or two of the vast gardens/estates on the outer edges of Ilkley, and elsewhere.

There was something quite magical in the garden, as I pushed my way through some low hanging branches to get back to the road a small deer walked past only a few feet from me. Wonderful, deer right in the very heart of Ilkley. Explore a little (carefully though, cause no damage and don't put yourself in harm's way), you never know what you might find.


  1. Richard Thomson9:08 pm

    Where is that? On the edge of the moor? Thought it was that place that had a fire off Ben Rhydding Rd but they just demolished that!

  2. Wow i used to play in the garden as a kid/teen,it was my secret place.In later years it was taken over by squatters and,because they had a party,I got to go inside and explore.There was a little wooden shelter in the garden,I'd sit in there dreaming of owning the That was over 28yrs ago,I always wondered what happened to it.
    Glad to see it isn't a bunch of "luxury" flats..far more interesting as you described - wild and forbidden.
    Thanks for posting it.

    1. Anonymous11:13 pm

      yep played in garden when I was about 8 to 10 yrs old now 48 looking back at fond memories.