Monday, October 20, 2008

All Hail Our Most Glorious And Wise Leader

For verily Gordon has single handedly saved us from financial disaster.

No, hang on, I think that last sentence was complete bollocks. Gordon Brown has spent the last few years borrowing money like there's no tomorrow, and now that it would appear that there isn't any tomorrow, we have no money left.

What happened to "prudence" ? It's all very well the Gordmeister saying that he and only he can save us, but isn't this mess largely of Brown's making ? Brown as captain of the ship has steered the vessel towards the rocks, then at the last moment he spins the wheel and declares "I have saved you my children, now be grateful and vote for me."

Cameron of course is jumping up and down and shouting "I told you so" like an excitable small child, except that when the BBC and other worthies have checked their archives there seem to be almost no records of the conservatives warning us of this at all. Called to task on this very issue on Today, Shadow Chancellor George Osbourne first waffled, and then said that the question wasn't relevant. Wasn't relevant Mr. Osbourne ? Then why did you mention it in the first place ? Hoisted by his own hypocrisy. Indeed, only a few months ago the Conservative Party was happy to accept donations from some of the very same financial institutions that have now foundered so dramatically. Well surely if you thought that those companies were behaving in an irresponsible manner you wouldn't have taken money would you, apparently the answer is yes.

David Cameron must be a very worried man, with a General Election coming closer he is in an awful position, Brown looks on the surface to be managing the credit crunch and so might win, but if Cameron does win then he gets to take over a country with no cash reserves and deep in recession. It really is the sort of race in which you might be secretly glad to be pipped at the post.

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