Sunday, September 07, 2008

Yorkshire Soul's Rambling Quiz Series 7 The Final last

Ok then, answers to on or before Monday 15th September 2008 whereupon I will forget I have set a quiz and let the answers rot in the black hole of my email inbox for weeks ;-)

Don't post answers in the comments, thanks.

1) The final scene of which film features a rainbow haired punk and a man in a rabbit costume riding across a park on a motorbike ? (1)

2) What would you be wearing if you posed for s Spencer Tunick photograph ? (1)

3) A British MP was forced to eat spoonfuls of a white powder, at gunpoint, whilst hiking in Columbia, what was the powder ? (1)

4) Who is this ? (1)

5) Who is this, and what 'first' has she recently achieved ?

6) What is the name of the building rising from this construction site ? (1)

7) Who is this ? (1)

8) Who is the first person to speak in Othello ? (1)

9) Who shoukld be at the top of this list, and what is the list ? (2)

Halle Barry
Gwyneth Paltrow
Helen Hunt
Marlee Martin

10) What kind of bird is this ? (1)

Good luck (or good Googling), please don't put answers in the comments, thanks.

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