Thursday, September 04, 2008

Who I Am, And Who I Am Not

Just to make things crystal clear.

I am the Steward/Catering Manager at Ilkley Golf Club where I provide catering under the business name of Nesfield Catering Limited.

I am not a member of Ilkley Golf Club, I do not ever speak on behalf of, or seek to represent Ilkley Golf Club on this blog, all views expressed here are mine and mine alone.

When I talk about staff on here, those staff are employees of Nesfield Catering not IGC. My staff can and do read the blog and are free to complain direct to me if they feel they have been misrepresented or unfairly mocked. I don't talk about the members or customers unless it is factual (as in the article I posted about Sophie Myles) in the vein of "we did 150 dinners yesterday for the 'Long Hitters Golf Society' ".

Clear enough ? I work for Ilkley Golf Club, but I do not represent them, if you want a quote, call the office and ask for the Captain / President / Hon Sec.

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