Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm Alive

But only just. I'm used to working hard, but the past two and a bit weeks have been the busiest of the summer season, and with Phil missing (injured - not head chef induced) I have worked pretty much 14+ hour shifts since Thursday 11th Sep.

Many thanks to my hard working wife Meg, and to brother-in-law Rob for coming in to assist all last week, I wouldn't have got everyone served without the pair of you.

Big thanks as well to all my staff, Christine, April, Georgie, Paula, Harry, Rob, Amelia, and to the bar staff Phil, Julia and Harriet. If I've missed anyone out it's because my brain has seized up.

This week we did 30 for an all day package (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on Monday, which was like a starter to Tuesday's main course of 110 for an all day buffet. Wednesday we did 75 for lunch and dinner, and due to a snafu on my part we didn't realise they wanted to eat at 6pm (as opposed to the more usual golfing dining time of 7.30 - 8pm) until after lunch, cue enormous panic and SOS calls to the evening staff. Thursday was 40 people for the all day package and then Friday, oh dear Lord it was Friday....75 people for breakfast and then an afternoon meal, plus 50 people wanting a light buffet, and the sun came out so the reserved Member's playing times filled up as well. The technical catering term for Friday was 'f***king chaos'. Saturday was a relatively steady 60 for lunch buffet and evening meal.

On Sunday I'm planning to have a nervous breakdown.

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