Friday, September 12, 2008

England Football Team in 'Not Shit' Shock!

Millions of england football supporters were yesterday left bemused and angry by their team's performance in Croatia.

"It's just not on," said Billy Beergut of Birmingham. "We come expecting our team to be piss poor and to concede up to three goals, then we can have a good moan about it in the pub afterwards."

Tabloid newspaper headline writers were said to be visibly shaken by England's 4-1 demolition of Croatia.

Johnny Hack of the Daily Star/Sun/Sport/Mirror/Mail said "We've been getting our campaign ready to have Fabio Capello sacked, things like "Fabio the Fool" and "Capello's Crap" but now we've had to ditch all our hard work because it turns out he isn't a turnip after all."

Some of the England Supporter's Club were said to be trying to turn in their season tickets.

"This just isn't England, they're tearing our hearts out, our team should play in a proper English manner, you know, get a man sent off, fail to score against the Vatican, miss a few penalties, that sort of thing. Four goals in one match ? It's all a bit much really."

Davi Beckham said yesterday - "Who cares if I'm past it, I am considerably richer than you."

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