Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don't Ever Take Me On As Your Stockbroker

I know nothing, over the past few years my dabblings have included the doomed coach builders Mayflower and a few months ago I bought more shares in the Bradford & Bingley.

To be honest, I'd be better off chucking a hundred quid on the roulette wheel, at least I'd be having fun as my money vanished.
Very Short Album Review : Here We Stand - The Fratellis****

The best Beatles album that Oasis never released.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm Alive

But only just. I'm used to working hard, but the past two and a bit weeks have been the busiest of the summer season, and with Phil missing (injured - not head chef induced) I have worked pretty much 14+ hour shifts since Thursday 11th Sep.

Many thanks to my hard working wife Meg, and to brother-in-law Rob for coming in to assist all last week, I wouldn't have got everyone served without the pair of you.

Big thanks as well to all my staff, Christine, April, Georgie, Paula, Harry, Rob, Amelia, and to the bar staff Phil, Julia and Harriet. If I've missed anyone out it's because my brain has seized up.

This week we did 30 for an all day package (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on Monday, which was like a starter to Tuesday's main course of 110 for an all day buffet. Wednesday we did 75 for lunch and dinner, and due to a snafu on my part we didn't realise they wanted to eat at 6pm (as opposed to the more usual golfing dining time of 7.30 - 8pm) until after lunch, cue enormous panic and SOS calls to the evening staff. Thursday was 40 people for the all day package and then Friday, oh dear Lord it was Friday....75 people for breakfast and then an afternoon meal, plus 50 people wanting a light buffet, and the sun came out so the reserved Member's playing times filled up as well. The technical catering term for Friday was 'f***king chaos'. Saturday was a relatively steady 60 for lunch buffet and evening meal.

On Sunday I'm planning to have a nervous breakdown.
Paul Newman Is Dead

....yet Orlando Bloom still lives, there is no justice.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Tunes

Metallica - Death Magnetic : One the one hand it isn't Master Of Puppets, but the good news is on the other hand it isn't St. Anger, Metallica are not shite anymore, hurrah !

Queen and Paul Rodgers - The Cosmos Rocks : Rodgers still has an awesome voice, Queen seem to have become a rock and roll band.

The Streets - Everything Is Borrowed : Out go the techno beats, in comes a proper band, thankfully Skinner still raps and doesn't sing.

Seasick Steve and the Level Devils - Cheap : Rough edged, underproduced blues from the OAP star.

Bellowhead - Burlesque : Is it folk ? Or swing ? Or big band ? Or indie ? I can't say for sure, but it is weird and wonderful.

Alice Cooper - Along Came A Spider : He might be older than the hills, but he still rocks.

Downloading right now from my Emusic subscription, Alpha Blondy - Jah Victory : reggae from the Ivory Coast.

More posters at Durexhibit
Beware ! Larpers !!

Batman didn't catch the Joker because he had to stop off at the 7-11 and grab some snacks for Robin.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yorkshiresoul Is.........Working

With 50% of the chefs injured (i.e. Phil and his busted arm), the other 50% of the chefs are working every shift. I'm not really looking forward to next week, we have a huge amount of bookings in and it would have been a big week with the two of us cooking, now though......groan.

Some good news though, brother in law mk. 3 has very kindly volunteered himself for a couple of week's work starting on Monday so that will take a bit of the pressure off, cheers Rob, much appreciated.

I'll probably vanish from the blogosphere, but don't worry, you know where I'll be, bad tempered and bleary eyed at the stove.

See you at the other side !

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

That Iago's A Right Git

I have not read any Shakespeare since I left school, but last week I had a go at Othello and I quite enjoyed it. I still find the language a little difficult to cope with, and despite having an English Lit teacher who thought that the bard was laugh out loud funny I sill seem to miss most of the humour ( if indeed there is much in Othello).

Iago though, he needs to be taken round the back of the bike sheds and given a proper kicking.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Them's The Breaks

In Chef Phil's arm that is, he's had a football related twisting / stamping / being jumped on painful arm injury.

Get well soon Phil, no, seriously, get well soon or I'll break the other one ;-)

He should have checked Clause 3 of his contract "Injuries falling short of outright decapitation or loss of less than two limbs will not be regarded as sufficient grounds for sick leave".

Friday, September 12, 2008

Large Hadron Collider Cam

CERN Project Cams

Keep an eye on what the mad scientists are up to.
England Football Team in 'Not Shit' Shock!

Millions of england football supporters were yesterday left bemused and angry by their team's performance in Croatia.

"It's just not on," said Billy Beergut of Birmingham. "We come expecting our team to be piss poor and to concede up to three goals, then we can have a good moan about it in the pub afterwards."

Tabloid newspaper headline writers were said to be visibly shaken by England's 4-1 demolition of Croatia.

Johnny Hack of the Daily Star/Sun/Sport/Mirror/Mail said "We've been getting our campaign ready to have Fabio Capello sacked, things like "Fabio the Fool" and "Capello's Crap" but now we've had to ditch all our hard work because it turns out he isn't a turnip after all."

Some of the England Supporter's Club were said to be trying to turn in their season tickets.

"This just isn't England, they're tearing our hearts out, our team should play in a proper English manner, you know, get a man sent off, fail to score against the Vatican, miss a few penalties, that sort of thing. Four goals in one match ? It's all a bit much really."

Davi Beckham said yesterday - "Who cares if I'm past it, I am considerably richer than you."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Captain Russia

......has eaten Captain Georgia.

Has the Large Hadron Collider Destroyed The World Yet ?

My friends, at the foot of the statue of Jesus.

Flags in the breeze at the Alhambra, Granada.

I likes the look of this shrouded building which was undergoing renovation in Granada, I took a few shots but this was the best.

A shop doorway in Granada.

A pylon, early morning, close to our apartment in Spain, Feb this year.
Natty And The Tiger

From our holiday with the Wossers in Feb this year.
99% Chance That We Are Not Doomed

As the Cern Large Hadron Collider switches on at 08.30 BST this morning, Stephen Hawking says that there is only a 1% probability that the experiment will cause the creation of tiny black holes.

Well thank the Lord for that, I was beginning to wonder whether I should bring the cat in and cancel the milk.

In an amusing and informative interview on R4 yesterday, Hawking even suggested that it might be better if the LHC did not lead the discovery of the Higgs-Boson or Dark Matter as it would then make sceintists work more creatively to find the answers to the universe.

(Pic from Motivate Yourself)

Monday, September 08, 2008

Deaf People Vote On Britain's "Greatest Ever Albums"


1. Oasis, Definitely Maybe
2. Oasis, (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
3. Radiohead, OK Computer
4. Beatles, Revolver
5. Stone Roses, Stone Roses
6. Beatles, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
7. Clash, London Calling
8. Keane, Under the Iron Sea
9. Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon
10. Verve, Urban Hymns

What are the readers of Q Magazine ? Apart from cloth eared Mancs with a hankering for second rate derivative drivel that is.

Two Oasis albums above The Beatles, and bloody Radiohead who should only ever get one award, and that's for "Dullest Band Of The Decade" *

Let's just re-order that top bit......

1. The Clash, London Calling
2. The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's
3. The Beatles, Revolver

and then....

4. Pink Floyd, The Wall
5. Pink Floyd, Dark Side Of The Moon
6. Muse, Black Holes and Revelations
7. Led Zeppelin, IV
8. Marillion, Misplaced Childhood
9. New Model Army, The Ghost Of Cain
10. The Wildhearts, Earth Vs. The Wildhearts

Don't argue, you know I'm right.

*Only in decades when Coldplay don't release an album.
Music Lover Halts Oasis Concert

Gallagher Gets The Shove

Even more hilarious are Liam Gallagher's actions, he runs away from the intruder at first, but when three or four burly security blokes have a good hold of him, then Liam's the man, then he goes in with fists flying, the puff.
PM Outlines Just How He Will Face Up To Challenges

"We Are Listening To The People" Says PM

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Yorkshire Soul's Rambling Quiz Series 7 The Final Round.....at last

Ok then, answers to Yorkshiresoul@gmail.com on or before Monday 15th September 2008 whereupon I will forget I have set a quiz and let the answers rot in the black hole of my email inbox for weeks ;-)

Don't post answers in the comments, thanks.

1) The final scene of which film features a rainbow haired punk and a man in a rabbit costume riding across a park on a motorbike ? (1)

2) What would you be wearing if you posed for s Spencer Tunick photograph ? (1)

3) A British MP was forced to eat spoonfuls of a white powder, at gunpoint, whilst hiking in Columbia, what was the powder ? (1)

4) Who is this ? (1)

5) Who is this, and what 'first' has she recently achieved ?

6) What is the name of the building rising from this construction site ? (1)

7) Who is this ? (1)

8) Who is the first person to speak in Othello ? (1)

9) Who shoukld be at the top of this list, and what is the list ? (2)

Halle Barry
Gwyneth Paltrow
Helen Hunt
Marlee Martin

10) What kind of bird is this ? (1)

Good luck (or good Googling), please don't put answers in the comments, thanks.
7 of 9's Bikini

Gotta love the interwebnet.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

WinterWolf Photography

Elements Of Deception

Pretty Eyes, Dirty Mouth

Mourning in the Vineyard

The Clock Stood Still

Loads of galleries at Girltripped DeviantArt.

Nearly all their models are pale girls with too much eyeliner, it may be goth heaven.
Staff Quiz Round 2 Answers

1) What is the unit of measurement used for force ?


2) What are the next two numbers in this sequence, and what is the sequence ? 2 - 3 - 5 - 7 - 11 - 13

17 - 19 Prime Numbers

3) Go to the linked page, whose flag is this ?

YS page


4) Go to the linked page, who is this and what is his job ?

Alistair Darling, Chancellor of the Excheqor

5) What is the name of Saturn's largest satellite ?


6) Which classic British 'heist' movie stars such diverse talents as Michael Caine, Noel Coward, Robert Powell and comedian Benny Hill ?

The Italian Job

7) Which philosopher argued that God is dead and was seen as a precursor to Nazi ideology due to his thery of supermen / Ubermensch ?

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzche

8) If you are terrifed of crowds, what do you suffer from ?

Demophobia or Enochiophobia

9) Got to the linked page, who is this ?

Colin Montgomerie

10) On what day of the week did Solomon Grundy get married ?


Scores and League

Christine 10
Lucy 9
Amelia 8

Christine 19
Amelia 18
Lucy 18
Georgie 10
Rob 10
Phil (chef) 8

Prize pot for the next round will be a whopping £6 !
Faith vs. Intruders

On the vicarage door in Weston
The Longest Running Yorkshire Soul Quiz (So Far)

6.9 Answers and League

1) Would you let goats run free in your vineyard or your tea plantation ? (2)

In your vineyard, no, they would eat all the grapes and leaves, but there is a chemical in tea leaves that goats cannot stand so they eat the weeds and fertilise the tea with their droppings but the tea bushes remain untouched.

2) What musical acronym would encompass Iron Maiden, Budgie and Tygers Of Pan Tang ? (1)

NWOBHM - New Wave Of British Heavy Metal

3) What is the advertising tag line used on posters on the the London Underground that has caused one American state to order an audit of its own tourist office ? (1)

"South Carolina is so Gay !"

4) What advice was offered by gas supplier Centrica's Managing director after revealing that prices may rise as much as 60% next year ? (1)

"It's two jumpers instead of one"

5) Who is this, and what is his most famous and enduring creation ? (2)

Kermit Love, designer of Big Bird.

6) Who is this, and what sporting record has he recently achieved ? (2)

Mark Cavendish was the first Brit to get 4 stage wins in the Tour de France.

7) Who is this, and what does she do when she isn't appearing in beauty pageants ? (2)

Katerina Hodge is a L/Cpl in the Royal Anglian Regiment

8) What is this building called ? (1)

Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang

9) Who is this ? (1)

Angela Merkel

10) What is the name of the French political group who tried to prevent the execution of Louis XVI but who were expelled from National Congress by the Jacobins ? (1)

The Girondins

This Week's Scores

Didier 11
Mr Moosehead 9
MR 8

League 6.9

1) Didier 95
1) MR 92
3) Dominic L 67
4) Chez 53
5) Tony G 49
5) Mr Moosehead 49
7) Squirt 36
8) James Hill 34
9) Penny Farthing 31
10) Alistair Taylor 31
11) Dr P 30
12) James Horne 27
13) Lyle 16
14) Stephanie 6

I won't make any rash promises about when I might get the final round done !
Door in Weston

Guy Croft, Otley

"It is a remarkable terrace made of ceramic brick in contrasting coloured bands with a checkerboard frieze, below the eaves, above a light-blue border. It seems to have been a one-off speculative development in the Art-Deco style; its special interest was identified when it became a listed building in 1992." - from the West Yorkshire Archaeology Service Assessment of Otley.

I can't dig up any information on the possibility of the houses being made from an old swimming pool, do any readers know more ?
Who I Am, And Who I Am Not

Just to make things crystal clear.

I am the Steward/Catering Manager at Ilkley Golf Club where I provide catering under the business name of Nesfield Catering Limited.

I am not a member of Ilkley Golf Club, I do not ever speak on behalf of, or seek to represent Ilkley Golf Club on this blog, all views expressed here are mine and mine alone.

When I talk about staff on here, those staff are employees of Nesfield Catering not IGC. My staff can and do read the blog and are free to complain direct to me if they feel they have been misrepresented or unfairly mocked. I don't talk about the members or customers unless it is factual (as in the article I posted about Sophie Myles) in the vein of "we did 150 dinners yesterday for the 'Long Hitters Golf Society' ".

Clear enough ? I work for Ilkley Golf Club, but I do not represent them, if you want a quote, call the office and ask for the Captain / President / Hon Sec.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm still here, the pc and connection is all fixed, I have been fairly busy at work and as predicted I'm having a period of Eve addiction now that I have been able to download the new uber graphics package.

I will get back to blogging (and doing the quiz - when I remember where I put the answers) soon.

In the meantime, here's a picture of a door in Otley.......