Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Vaughan Departs

(Freddy Trueman, Yorkshire Soul, Michael Vaughan)

Michael Vaughan was tremendously courageous in his resignation as England captain, to admit your personal failings in this most public of arenas must be the hardest thing to do. It was obvious from Vaughan's display of emotion that he has, as he said, given his heart and soul to the job, and as his own form has wobbled and dipped he has found the whole job just too much to bear.

There has been some criticism of the timing of Vaughan's resignation, 2-0 down in a series with a test still to play, but to be honest there is never a good time to have to resign, and if Vaughan felt he had to leave then better to do it right away than hang on in misery for another test or another tour.

I had the pleasure to meet Michael Vaughan just after he had led the England team to victory over Australia in the Ashes. He seems a nice bloke, more comfortable on the pitch than in giving speeches and answering questions. I hope that he can come back into the Yorkshire side and enjoy a few seasons of county cricket now that all the pressure is off him.

Michael Vaughan has been our most successful test captain ever, although from reading some of the stupid comments in the press over the past couple of days you wouldn't think so. There are a lot of journalists, especially those who do not specialise in cricket, who seem to have forgotten what Vaughan and the England team have achieved over the last five years.

"Probably for the last time in his life, the stage belonged to Vaughan. He was emotional, humble, funny and honest as he reflected upon what he will realise in time to have been the greatest days of his professional life. He thanked his team, the back-room staff, the Professional Cricketers' Association, the fans and, most movingly of all, his family. No, Michael, thank you."
Michael Atherton in the Times

"I take no pleasure in seeing Michael go. And I don't think anyone else should. He's a nice lad. He has done a fine job for England. But I think the captaincy, a lack of runs and loss of confidence have all got to him in the end. It's better to go now, with dignity, than just hang on."
Geoffrey Boycott

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