Thursday, August 07, 2008

Plague! The Musical

Do I not keep on telling you just how wonderful and talented and very special my staff are ? Of course I do. Clare Fitton, who worked for me as a waitress and kitchen assistant, went off to performing arts college down in London, and now she has a starring role in a real live musical, one that people will actually pay good money to see (I hope !).

The precis for Plague ! The Musical reads "It is 1665 and wannabe actor Clive Hucklefish is mugged and left for dead within moments of arriving in London. His obvious gullibility lands him a job with destitute undertaker Phil Anbury and his devil-may-care assistant, Jerry Muldoon. But when Clive falls for the Alchemist’s beautiful daughter, Isabella, he becomes embroiled in an ancient feud between those who would profit from death, and those who would end death forever.

With the undertaking business going under due to a lack of fresh stock, Clive finds himself penniless and out on the street. But his fortunes change when he is approached by a mysterious stranger with an interest in unmarked graves, and an offer Clive cannot refuse…

Plague! is an all-new comedy musical featuring 12 original songs performed by a cast of undertakers, druids, beggars and rats. Plague! is previewing at Questor's theatre in London before it sweeps up to C venues for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008. Catch it while you can!"

This is Clare in her role as Pinky the Rat.

Plague! runs until Monday, August 25, 2008 at 11:00pm
Location: C Venues, Chambers Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Plague tickets / box office

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