Saturday, August 09, 2008

Peace and War

As the feelings of love and peace and fellowship were generated by China's absolutely stunning Olympics opening ceremony, closer to home in Europe we have a new war. In China athletes are striving to do their best, to win medals and honour and glory, in the little known (to many of us) would be breakaway republic of South Ossetia in Georgia people are dying and thousands of refugees are running for their lives.

War in Europe again ? We do seem to love fighting and killing each other. The problem here seem to be that.....

1) South Ossetia would like to be their own sovereign nation.

2) Georgia would not like South Ossetia to be their own sovereign nation, and they are willing to 'invade' the Capitol Tskhinvali to bring South Ossetia to heel.

3) Russia wants South Ossetia as an independant and friendly (i.e. not NATO) country so that Russia is not encircled by NATO countries on its Western and Southern borders.

So Georgia invades South Ossetia, Russia invades Georgia, we all do a lot of hand wringing because our governments know full well that there is nothing at all we can do or say that will persuade Russia (or Georgia for that matter) to do anything it does not want to.

In other news, Chen Xiexia won China's first gold medal of the games, Greek sprinter Anastasios Gousis failed a drugs test and was sent home, but nobody died. If you don't count Tibet that is.

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