Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nesfield Catering Limited

(Catering at Ilkley Golf Club)

An independent business supporting independent business’s

Our Suppliers...

Butchers – Doric Game of Leeds, David Lishmann’s of Ilkley

Bakery Supplies – Bako, although this is a national business they operate on a more ethical basis with prices fluctuating monthly to accurately reflect both price gains and falls. They provide regular price and world market updates to customers to keep them informed of price movements.

Greengrocer & Dairy – Strawberry Fields/Orange Grove of Saltaire

Fishmonger – Ramus of Ilkley/Harrogate

Dry & Frozen Goods – Haworth Wholesale of Notts

Tesco – unfortunately due to our agreed pricing structure I just can’t get away from buying certain goods, loaves especially which we use an awful lot of, from the evil empire.

This year we have moved away from Brake Brothers and now buy all our general groceries from Haworth Wholesale.

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