Wednesday, August 27, 2008

IT People Must Die

It can't be a good thing that every time I have an encounter with a dismal wretch of the human species known as an IT 'specialist' I come away with murder in my heart.

I spent a good amount of my hard earned money on a new desktop and laptop computors, I explained quite clearly to the salesman at Comet that what I like to do is to write, to listen to a lot of music, to download a lot of music and to play online games. I am now stuck with two machines that will do almost none of the above and so I would dearly like to harm someone.

With IT people the problem is always someone else's fault.

"It's not our machines, it's BT," say Comet.

"It's not our lines, it must be your machines," say BT.

"You are all a set of utter bastards and I wish you nothing but lasting harm," says YS.

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