Monday, July 21, 2008

Yorkshire Soul's Long Delayed Quiz Series 6.9

Answers to on/by Tuesday 29th July with "Quiz 6.9" as the header, please don't put any answers in the comments.

1) Would you let goats run free in your vineyard or your tea plantation ? (2)

2) What musical acronym would encompass Iron Maiden, Budgie and Tygers Of Pan Tang ? (1)

3) What is the advertising tag line used on posters on the the London Underground that has caused one American state to order an audit of its own tourist office ? (1)

4) What advice was offered by gas supplier Centrica's Managing director after revealing that prices may rise as much as 60% next year ? (1)

5) Who is this, and what is his most famous and enduring creation ? (2)

6) Who is this, and what sporting record has he recently achieved ? (2)

7) Who is this, and what does she do when she isn't appearing in beauty pageants ? (2)

8) What is this building called ? (1)

9) Who is this ? (1)

10) What is the name of the French political group who tried to prevent the execution of Louis XVI but who were expelled from National Congress by the Jacobins ? (1)

Good luck folks.

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