Saturday, July 26, 2008

Utter Bastard Arrested At Last

A good news item this week as war criminal and genocide perpetrator Radovan Karadzic was finally arrested. Thousands, or perhaps tens of thousands, of people were executed on this man's orders in Srebrenica during the Balkan wars.

The Balkan wars were probably NATO's biggest failure to date, the genocide occurred right on our doorstep in Europe, we had the massed might of the military power of the European countries plus a battlefleet from the USA, and yet largely we did nothing at all as people were massacred and thousands upon thousands of human beings were consigned to the mass graves.

During WW2 even when rumours of the killing camps were beginning to surface it wasn't possible for the Allies to reach them any faster, but during the Balkan wars there were war journalists reporting on the horrors and atrocities every single day, but we backed off and backed off and made sure we obeyed the law and played by the rules even if that meant letting the odd ten thousand men and boys be machine gunned and buried. We should not ever forget Srebrenica and Sarajevo, they are the biggest failings of our European society since the fall of the Nazi regime.

Of course this would never happen in today's society, we would not stand back now and let people die in their thousands, or tens of thousands, would we ? Of course we would, Darfur - you have no oil, no gold, no riches, no bloody hope at all.

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