Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Red rag - bull.

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, the rambler's code. Or in my case the trespassers code. There probably isn't a private estate in the Dales that I havn't walked quietly around. So you're big and rich and self important and think that you own the land, you don't own the countryside, it belongs to all of us, the land will be here long after you're in the ground.

Obviously there are rules to be followed, I don't walk off the paths where damage is being caused or where I am obviously going to to cause damage, I don't walk wild when ground nesting birds may be under foot, I (mostly) don't walk where there is a danger warning, I don't walk on sports pitches or golf courses because I don't want to be struck by golf balls or mowed down by the 2nd XV at practice.

Look at this sign at Ilkley College though, yes that's right, Ilkley College. A lot of locals went to study here, thousands of local taxpayers paid their dues so that we could have vital facilities like this in the community, then Bradford Council sold the building for hugely expensive housing. So I took a walk in the gardens of Ilkley College, I sat on your chairs and watched the ducks in your 'private' pond, and then I continued on my way.

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