Tuesday, July 29, 2008

That Doesn't Sound Right

I was taking James and Paula home last night when the car suddenly started making a horrific throaty growl, and then cam a hideous banging and scraping noise from underneath. The front of the exhaust had fallen off.

Luckily I have full breakdown cover and a very helpful mechanic came out within an hour and secured the errant pipe so I could drive the car back home, albeit with it sounding like a supercharged tractor.

You'd think that in these circumstances family would lend a hand wouldn't you ? So when brother in law mk.3 drove past I said to Paula "Oh, there's my brother in law Rob", but he didn't stop. Two minutes later he drove past again, quite slowley this time, and again he didn't stop. Cheers Rob. What was he thinking ? Did he think because I was stood on a street corner with a young girl he'd seen me doing something I shouldn't up to ?

The car made it home, and probably woke up all my neighbours, but that'll pay back some of the residents of Owler Park for their numerous burglar alarms.

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