Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Restaurant Review - The Spaghetti House, London

I love going to London! Lived there for 2 years in my youth & my favourite Auntie lives there. Great sights, great culture, great night life. I was lucky to take a day trip down there through work last week & when I got off the train at King's Cross a huge grin just spread across my face!

Auntie M took me to one of her favourite pre theatre haunts "The Spaghetti House".
It's a London based chain and Morag has become somewhat of a regular at the St. Martins Lane one, knowing the staff and the best dishes.

Auntie M was ordering the veal cooked in lemon and served with lightly roasted little potatoes. I ordered the same as she recommended it highly, & asked for a side order of green beans.

Auntie M is never wrong and this was the lightest, melt in the mouth veal I have had in a long time. Veal escalope was always a favourite of mine & Dad's on Spanish holidays and this beat the memory hands down! Auntie M didn't partake in the green beans fearing the healthy food might actually be good for her! The beans were delicious & crisp, though not too healthy as smothered in butter (too much for me).

We had a half carafe of the house wine to accompany which was very pleasant, and when asked if we would like to see the dessert menu, it was an obvious affirmative.
Auntie M choose the chocolate something or other, which looked divine (& must have been coz I didn't get any!) and after questioning if the apple pie contained cinnamon, which is a pleasant spice but always overpowers the apple I find, I had the pie. The pie, though it did contain cinnamon, but not too heavily, was delicious served with lovely vanilla ice cream.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening, lovely staff & great maitre d (I forgive the lack of knowledge on the spices used in the apple pie!!). One waitress thought she had to paid extra to smile, but all in all I highly recommend.

I can't comment on value for money as my Auntie M was v naughty and treated me, but I love her loads.

We then took a stroll, skirting Trafalgar Square which looked lovely in the evening sun, and went to see the newly refurbished St. Martins Chapel (could have the name wrong here). Beautiful Anglican church which must have had millions spent on it, fantastic organ, awesome picture window, though no stained glass. Just superb.
Lovely end to a lovely day. Thanks again Auntie M. xx

Guest Contributor - Squirt

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