Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pub Crawling

I managed a few hours off on Tuesday night, in a week which might have otherwise topped 100 hours worked, and took myself off into Ilkley for a beer or six and a curry and a couple of hundred pages of Reapers's Gale, another Steven Erikson brick of a book.

I had a couple of pints of Deuchars IPA at The Taps, good beer in a proper pub, then I headed off to new venue Hide where escape used to be at the bottom of the Moors Centre. The place looks nice, or at least the expanded dining area does, I wasn't too keen on the works canteen styled chairs in the bar area. Hide does not serve proper beer, I wasn't aware of this or I wouldn't have bothered going in, I had a pint of plastic John Smiths Smooth which is possibly one of the most unpleasant 'beers' I have ever tasted, too cold, too tasteless, just nasty.

After that I went over the road to new restaurant Rani which has open been open for a couple of weeks or so on the site of the former East India. I had a very good mixed kebab starter, then a chicken and keema balti (huge portion which I couldn't finish so I asked for the rest to take out) and a couple more pints of plastic Tetley's, which isn't half as bad as John Smiths.

Sorry for not calling anyone for a night out (Squirt), but sometimes I just fancy a quiet night on my own, and they're hard to come by in mid Summer.

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