Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Great Yorkshire Show

It's a country show for country people, there's nothing funny at all about jet washing your heifer.

Sheep, I cannot remember which variety but they are not dyed, they are that colour naturally.

Aaargh ! Tis the Devil's own sheep !

The sheep shearing competition, a skilled shearer can divest a sheep of it's wool in a little over a minute.

The show winning prize boars in the ring, that sign says "Debbie & Andrews, the tastiest, loveliest, most perfect of sausages". Farmers all over the country are in dire financial trouble due to the predations of the supermarkets, but firms like Debbie & Andrew's have agreements to pay a premium price for the pork they buy, this helps farmers to survive and also ensures that rare breeds are kept going.

I had a pint or two at the Black Sheep tent, but I passed on this one.

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