Friday, July 18, 2008

Free Music ?

Yes, just so long as you remember to cancel your subscription at the end of the 14 day trial period.

If you buy a copy of the excellent Classic Rock magazine this month you can claim 35 free tracks from eMusic, actually, if you follow the link below then you wouldn't have to buy the magazine, but you would be missing out on the best rock / metal magazine in Britain today.

Classic Rock 35 free downloads

The eMusic site advertises 3.5 million songs to choose from, the first band I went for was Manning, whose 'Songs From The Bilston House' I have found hard to find, and so it was at eMusic, they had another earlier album, but not the one I wanted. I was pleased to find the 'Last Orders EP' by Guns On The Roof who I saw live last night so I grabbed that, and then while pottering around on the site I saw Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Bayou Country', so that is 10 of my 40 free downloads. I subscribe to Classic Rock so we get an extra 5 tracks, hmmmm, hang on......

Classic Rock 40 free downloads, perhaps they check your credit card details against your Classic Rock subscription, but if they don't then you should be able to grab 40 free tracks on this link.

The site info says that the songs are not DRM protected, so they should play on all portable players and are permanent downloads with unlimited plays.

Update : Perhaps this site isn't so good after all, after failing to find albums by a few lesser known bands I typed Metallica into the search engine, emusic doesn't carry Metallica, or Megadeth, or Mastodon's most recent album. Perhaps I'll be cancelling my subscription when I've grabbed the freebie 40.

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