Monday, July 07, 2008


I must say that I was in a right old mood on my birthday, stuck in the kitchen all day getting dinner ready for Captain's Day, Mrs YS was down on the course serving drinks so I didn't have her company either. But then all my family amd friends turned up to visit me one after the other and cheered me right up, thanks folks, and the wine / whisky / books are muc appreciated, and the money I received will be spent on further wine / whisky / books etc.

A few weeks ago we were talking about friends in the kitchen, one of the girls was saying that she had dozens of friends and hundreds on MySpazz and was mildly mocking me for not having many friends. Well I don't, I've only got a small handful of really close friends, I prefer quality over quantity.

Special thanks to my Mum In Law for the (full) chocolate cake, yummy, and to Kevin & Liz & Joseph & Ellie for the (half) chocolate cake, I had to strike a deal with my small niece over the cake, we had a shared birthday cake and Ellie stood guard over the cake and made sure I wasn't cutting off more than my fair share. I love Ellie, but I think she loves chocolate cake more.

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