Saturday, July 26, 2008

As Featured On Radio 4's Test Match Special

It's here at last, those precious 15 minutes of fame ! We're going to be famous, ex-England batsman and World's Greatest Living Yorkshireman Mr. Geoff Boycott talked about us on the radio and said we were the 'best in Yorkshire'.

We are of course, the Ilkley golf Club's Pork Pies. Mr. Boycott came over to play a round of golf before England's dismal capitulation to South Africa at Headingley last week. Feeling peckish after his 18 holes Sir Geoff indulged himself in a brace of freshly baked pork pies and then during Test Match Special later in the week he talked about the pies on air and lavished praise upon them, thanks Geoff !

I fully expect fame and fortune to follow, don't worry folks, I'm sure I'll remember you when I'm hobnobbing with the stars.

Mr. Boycott can also expect a hefty discount on his future pork pie purchases, ten per cent probably, or maybe five, yes five, after all, we can't give the things away, that wouldn't be the Yorkshire way at all.

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