Thursday, July 24, 2008

Album Review - Captain Morgan's Revenge - Alestorm****

For Fans Of - Folk Metal, Korpiklaani, Battlelore, Benedictum, Turisas

Heavy metal is serious business, grow your hair long, throw those horns, call yourself Gavok - Lord Of Night when your name is really Kevin Butterworth - it's no laughing matter, well, mostly.

The thing about heavy metal is that sometimes it takes itself so seriously that it becomes an easy target for parody, something that Bad News, Spinal Tap, Tenacious D and others have found a fertile area for in jokes and outright mockery.

So Alestorm are a joke bad then ? No, although with tongue firmly in bearded cheek they announce themselves as "true Scottish Pirate Metal" this is actually a very good heavy metal band who just want to be pirates, and who wouldn't ?

In style they could be grouped in with the current European crop of folk metal bands like Battlelore and Korpiklaani, although they are more accessible than the former and less, well, Finnish, than the latter.

Captain Morgan's Revenge is 9 tracks of fast folk metal tales of life, and just as frequently, death on the high seas. Rum, buxom serving wenches and the lash, death by the cutlass and ancient curses are the meat of Alestorm's lyrics, ably backed by a solid power metal band. The music is fast without being furious, the songs have some great lines as well, I can see "I want more wenches, more wenches and mead" going down well with a live audience, this is tremendous fun all the way through.

If you want to sample some of Alestorm's pirate metal, you can download a lot of songs from their MySpace page (with spoilers).

Alestorm MySpace

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