Sunday, December 28, 2008

WAR !!!

Down in 0.0 space, where the Concorde Police force fear to fly, we're always at war, if you fly into one of our claimed systems and on the scanner you appear as grey (neutral) or worse, red (enemy), then you can expect blue ships to be ganking you (shooting at you) rather quickly, and if you lose your ship you might get podded as well (we'll kill your clone pod after your ship blows up).

Up in Empire though, it is usually peaceful, but then our sworn enemies in Goonfleet paid a couple of mercenary corporations to attack us in high security space as well. We found out where they lived, a trading hub system called Amarr, got a fleet together and set off to give them a good kicking. The fleet was a fair mix, fast ships like my T2 (Technology Level 2) stealth bomber, some T2 cruisers and battlecruisers, a couple of Recon ships and 2 battleships.

On the to Amarr, 14 jump gates away we surprised an enemy pilot in a Vindicator, a souped up Megathron battleship, he had just warped in to the gate from which we were preparing to jump out. As the lumbering Vindicator tried to turn and run our entire fleet locked weapons and fired, even with the armour tanking (self repairing) ability of the big battleship, it could not stand up to the firepower of our fleet and soon succumbed, boom, one-nil to Blade Alliance.

High on the first kill we pushed on into Amarr, it was a busy system, hundreds of neutral trade ships were flying around. On our scanners, we had six war targets, we dispatched fast ships to scout the gates and space stations, one of the scouts met a small patrol at a gate, the patrol warped back to a station and we followed in hot pursuit to arrive outside the station moments too late, the enemy had managed to safely dock.

Now we waited a while, perhaps our FC (Fleet Commander) was a bit keen, too inexperienced, having failed to ambush the enemy we should have left. Suddenly our scanners began to fill up with red stars, twenty plus enemy pilots had appeared in system, at the same time a squadron of six Megathron battleships undocked from the station to complete the pincer movement, very neat, we were caught in a reverse ambush.

Our FC began to shout "Do not aggress!" (Once you have fired your guns you have a 15 minute aggression period when stations will deny you access) and then "Dock, dock", in my fast stealth bomber I made the sanctuary of the neutral station on fire and with moments to spare, a group of T2 drones had locked me and were doing a great job of shredding my shields, armour and hull. The Smoke & Mirrors was more smoke and holes when we got inside. Outside, the fight had gone badly, we shot down a single cruiser, and in return lost 6 ships including both battleships.

Two days later and back on our own territory and we suffered another reversal. We had set up a gate camp with a decent sized fleet, our intelligence channel was providing information on a small roaming gang headed our way. This time I was out in the Awesome Amelia, my incredibly expensively fitted Dominix battleship.

We waited at the gate as the first pair of ships warped through, we all had our drones out, five for each fleet ship, space was full. "Agress, target the Abadonn," came the call, like good soldiers we locked weapons and drones on the lead battleship and began to pound at its armour. Intel had said it was an 8 strong fleet, but now there were 12 enemy ships in system and no sign of them slowing down, worse, they had brought a number of armour repairers who had locked on to their own lead ship and were tanking the damage as fats as we could gank it.

Twenty ships in system, we were all agressed and so unable to use the jump gates, they was a howl of frustration as one of our cruisers blew up. I began to turn the Amelia, hoping to run to a moon or asteroid belt if this went wrong, but I had been locked already and my shields and armour were being stripped away. The Amelia was still ten seconds away from attaining warp speed, and the enemy drones were already hammering away at the ship's hull.

"This is China Flex, I'm going down," I said into the comms channel.

"I don't want to hear that, get away," said the FC.

"Sorry, no time," and the Amelia blew up. In the ensuing chaos I manged to get my clone pod out through the jump gate and to safety in the I1Y Casino Station, behind me the fleet were ripped apart, only two ships from the original twelve had managed to run, disaster.

Our FC apologised, and there were bitter recriminations in the intel channel, but what had gone wrong ? After some discussion and investigation we think an enemy spy had placed the false report in the channel leading us to believe the enemy fleet to be much smaller than it really was, hard to swallow, but it's all fair in war.

A week later and I have bought and equipped two new battleships, a Megathron - Ashanti Lightning - which is a big gunboat, and a new Dominix - Luxurious Lucy - for drone fighting, and I'm fairly skint. The enemy did well, they kept a number of our pilots out of the fighting for a few days and destroyed hundreds of millions of ISK's worth of ships and equipment, but we will be back, Querious (a region) is ours, and we will fight to hold on to it.

- China Flex -
Aegis Evolution - Blade
"Someone once asked if I get bad hangovers. To get bad hangovers you have to stop drinking, so the problem doesn't arise" - Lemmy, Motorhead.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gordon Brown

No it's not bloody safe for work, at all, it is very funny though. Yes ! Let's send Miliband to Darfur !

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Everybody

I hope you have a great day.
BlackHitler Fashion

You see, he may be a mass murdering despot inflicting pain and suffering upon the decent citizens of Zimbabwe, but doesn't he do a fine line in men's apparel ?
The Worrying Future Face Of Windows

The Grolsch Christmas Tree

Merry *hic* Christmas, he he, you're my best mate you are etc. etc.
You Take The High Road

I don't know where in the world this is (please comment if you do know), but I really would not fancy driving along it.
If I Eat Kittens For Breakfast...

...does that make me cuter, or just evil ?
The Entire History Of Belgium - Long Version

I was reading 'Remember, Remember', a history of Britain in 150 key bullet points and it set me thinking, could you do a similar sort of book for Belgium ? Well apparently not, because after extensive interwebnet research it became apparent that nothing has really happened in Belgium, ever.

Undeterred by the minor European nation's lack of interestingness, I have however managed to compile a very short complete history of Belgium.

120 AD The Roman Emperor Hadrian conquers Belgium, but mistakes it for an even more boring part of Holland and the country fails to get its name registered in the scroll of conquered lands.

1200 AD Nothing much has happened for some time.

1346 AD Black Death kills half of Belgium's citizens, plans for a Belgian conquest of Europe are set back somewhat, Belgian monks settle for making mind numbingly high alcohol beer instead.

1546 AD Intrepid Belgian explorers are disappointed to find that pretty much all the world beyond Belgium's borders has already been discovered and conquered. There is a brief period of excitement when they make landfall on a previously undiscovered continent, but on sobering up from a particularly big night on mind numbingly high alcohol Trappist beer this turns out to be Denmark and the explorers are sent packing by big shouty hairy men with axes.

1940 Hitler conquers Belgium by accident on the way to invading France, but does not notice until 1943.

1972 Belgium win a bronze medal at the Olympics in the Women's 10metre Small Bore Freestyle Pistol event. *

1994 Some Belgians are reported to be mildly upset by this joke...."Every year we destroy an area of rain forest equal in size to Belgium, why not just destroy Belgium instead ?"

*But are later disqualified when drug testing reveals high levels of Leffe.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blackpool's Simon Grayson Accepts Poison Chalice At LUFC

Grayson is in a hurry to leave Blackpool, is this the reason ?

Nigella's XXXmas

Gloriously NSFW !

Who Wants To Manage Leeds United ?

Really, who in their right mind would come and work for Mad Ken Bates ?

Gary McAllister is one of LUFC's all time heroes, widely loved and respected at the club and was a very popular choice for manager. The club appears to have given the manager no funds for transfers, all tranfers in this season are either free or are recorded as undisclosed so Mac has managed the club on a zero budget, he has admitted in interviews that he has been unable to compete financially to prevent players and staff from taking positions elsewhere.

The treatment of Gary Mac has been shoddy and leaves a sour taste in the mouths of the Leeds fans, there will be a lot of Leeds supporters who despite being displeased with the club's current league position, will be upset by the sacking of McAllister, it feels like we betrayed him.

Leeds United are no longer a first division side languishing in the third division, if we ever were. Leeds are now a third division team in the third division, and despite the seemingly endless financial problems at LUFC, the chairman might well have to findd some money to bring some second division players into the club if he wants us to win promotion to that league.

Of course, if it was not for the disastrous timing of the announcement of insolvency proceedings at Leeds United the club would have been promoted to the Championship at the end of last season, and who made that almighty cock up ? Stand forward Ken Bates.
Fair Listen 4

Library artists now up to 1,744.

The listening project is being further hampered by the fact that I think The Wire-Haired Terriers Athletic Social Club Band and Singers may well be a joke band who only ever released one song.
Memorable Music

We were having a discussion at work about which current or classic bands would still be remembered in another fifty years time, whose songs would still be played and covered.

After trying in vain to convince young Sophie that nobody at all from X-Factor, Popstars etc would make the grade I came up with a very short list of...

The Beatles
Bob Marley
Classical music - all the big name composers Vivaldi - Mozart - Wagner - Beethoven etc
Led Zeppelin

Who else has written songs that will stand the test of time ?
The Rolling Stones

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Present From The Wildhearts

"As a Christmas thankyou to all of our fans, The Wildhearts will be giving away a brand new, unreleased track on their myspace and facebook pages to DOWNLOAD for free.

The track 'Borderline' will be available late on Xmas Eve and throughout the holidays as a thankyou for all of your support in 2008.

Download, enjoy & share.

The band are currently busy writing and demoing tracks for their new studio album due out in 2009...

Have a peaceful & Happy Christmas and we'll see you very soon.


Ginger, CJ, Ritch & Scott x"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fair Listen 3 : Lites Out,

Oh dear, 1,739 artists, I have managed to add 5 more artists to my library, partly through finding that solo progger Guy Manning is tagged both under his full name and by his surname only, the same goes for Planetshakers and Planet Shakers the Australian Christian rock movement. Then I spent the last of this month's e-music subscription on an EP by Hungarian reggae/fast dancehall artist Litez Out, lastly I managed to add Jeff Buckley because I wanted to know why everyone seems to be going crazy for his cover of Hallelujah.

If I keep adding artists to my library as quickley as this I'll never manage to do the Fair Listen thing, but hey ho, it's good fun along the way.
Brown Rejects Early Iraq Inquiry

Gordon Brown has rejected calls for an early inquiry into the Iraq war, saying it would not be considered until he was safely out of office and earning a vast amount of money on the international lecture circuit.

"178 British troops have been killed in Iraq and hundreds injured, the country is a God awful mess with no end in sight to the endless cycle of killing and despair," said someone sounding suspiciously like Yorkshire Soul. "Despite this, the man who dragged us into this cesspit continues to rake in hundreds of thousands of pounds in appearance money when he tells audiences of rich Americans how great he is."

Tony Bliar was not available for comment this morning, sources close to the former Beloved Leader said he had been trapped in his own house for a number of days behind a huge wall of blood money.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quote Of The Day

"All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope." - Sir Winston Chruchill (1874 - 1965)
Office of Government Commerce Unveils New Logo

Which cost £14,000 of taxpayers money to create, the design was binned roughly twelve seconds after being unveiled.

A spokesman for OGC said: “It is true that it caused a few titters among some staff when viewed on its side, but on consideration we concluded that the effect was generic to the particular combination of the letters OGC - and it is not inappropriate to an organisation that’s looking to have a firm grip on Government spend.”

Yes, that certainly looks like they're getting a firm grip.
World's Smallest Girl

Jyoti Amge is fifteen years old and stands just 23 inches tall.

Telegraph article
The Artist Formerly Known As Michael Jackson

Appearing here as god only knows what, poor bloke, he's really lost the plot, as well as his nose and skin colour. Younger readers may not know that back when he was a pop star, Micahel Jackson was also a black man, no really he was.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ByThe Neville over on B3ta.
X Off !

The X-Factor is over for another season, hurrah. I hate it. I love the early parts of the show when a Victorian freak show of varied talents are paraded for us to love and laugh at, but when the formulaic artist training section kicks in I switch off.

These sort of shows stand against everything I love about real music. I am not saying that the winners of these programmes are not talented, some of them can certainly perform in that narrow window of style that the show will allow, but year on year the show churns out a winner who is fairly indistinguishable from the last year's in style and presentation.

Music for me is all about wanting to create something for yourself, to have that burgeoning desire to write your own material and play it in your own style. The thought that you could build a career solely by performing cover versions of other people's material is anathema. For these people the desire to become famous occludes all other considerations, most of them probably don't want to become singers, they just desire the fame, if there was a version of the X-Factor for acting, ice skating or roof insulating these same people would be on it, desperate for their rapidly diminished moments of fame.

I know that when I moan about these shows my staff always say Leona Lewis, yes, but for each Leona Lewis there are going to be half a dozen Leon Jackson's. Do you remember Leon Jackson, winner of the X-Factor Series 4 ? His last single reached the dizzying height of number 94 in top 100. Steve Brookstein, winner of the first series, where is Steve now ? Does he have a hugely successful recording career, or is he currently performing on board second rate cruise ships to audiences of old folk who vaguely remember him from the telly, I think you know the answer.

I'm also glad that attempts to push the X-Factor formula into the world of rock have largely failed, it just does not work for real music fans. We do not want to see a band chosen by a panel of 'celebrities' and voted for by the masses, we want real talent, bands that have honed their art playing support slots and pub gigs, singers who have real passion for their words because they wrote the lyrics themselves.

I'm listening to Led Zeppelin right now, in her whole career Leona Lewis might gain the tiniest fraction of love and respect that rockers hold for Led Zep, thousands of young people formed bands and learned to play and sing because they wanted to be Led Zep, nobody wants to be Leona Lewis, they want to be like her, and that is a crucial difference.
Caitlin Scrooge

Caitlin Moran writing in the Times yesterday penned a Scrooge like rant in which she opined that nearly all Christmas presents were awful and should not be given. In particular she railed against giving clothing, chocolates, food and perfume, well, that's most of my Yuletide giving buggered then.

She didn't go on to explain just what might make the ideal gift though, not that I was about to rush out and buy something for her.

What is the ideal Christmas present though ? If I get anything I'll be happy, I'll be even more happy if on the evening of Christmas Day I have a small heap of new books and some bottles of wine. Does this make me boring and predictable ? I don't care, I can guarantee that when friends give me gifts of food, wine and books (or vouchers to be spent on food, wine and books) I will eat all the food, drink all the wine and read all the books. What could be a better present than something you know will get used ? So what if you have presented me with a bottle of Bordeaux every Christmas and birthday for the last two decades, I drank the wine and enjoyed it.

I know that some people regard the giving of vouchers as lazy and impersonal, but consider, I read a lot of books, and a lot of graphic novels, and I buy a lot of albums with my music subscriptions. I get alerts from Amazon and E-music to tell me when new material by my favourite artists and authors are to be released so that I can pre-order them. A book or record voucher allows me to get something I really want without the danger or receiving something I already own.

What I really want for Christmas though is just Christmas Day itself. Before moving to Ilkley Golf Club I had worked almost every Christmas Day since leaving school, and before that at the Red Lion in Burley, Mum and Dad always had to work on the day before we could sit down to our family meal. Christmas Day is the only day in the year that the club does not open and the President and Hon Sec kindly give us permission to use the clubhouse to host our own festivities.

It's a bit of a busman's holiday, after Meg wakes me up far too early to open some presents I get into the kitchen and cook lunch for the twenty or so family and friends, I raid my cellar for the really good wines, we all eat far too much and then have a daft few hours with the children after dinner (someone please bring a soft foam ball for after dinner footy chaos !). Some people say they hate Christmas and that's really sad, it is by far my most favourite day of the year.
Shame On The BBC

Not for the Strictly Come Dancing fiasco, which frankly I couldn't care less about, but for the manner in which Ed Stourton has been sacked from the R4 Today team.

Stourton received a phone call from a reporter at the Indy who asked him if the rumours about his demise were true, Stourton said that he had not heard any such rumours and so phoned his editor who said "Yes it's true."

I don't know if this is incompetence or skulduggery on the part of the BBC, leaking the news of an employees imminent sacking is a very poor way indeed to deal with the matter.

Today is the R4 programme I listen to most, I hope Stourton completes the rest of his contract, due to end in Sep 2009, I enjoy his cultured and educated voice.

On the topic of the phone voting though, does the BBC not learn from their mistakes ? The corporation has stumbled from disaster to disaster with phone voting scandals, the lure of the easy money to be made from these schemes is obviously outweighing any common sense, the BBC is far more important than any other broadcaster and cannot be seen time and time again to be putting cash before sound broadcasting principles.
Turbulence In Cardigan

Turbulence is the name of a proposed art installation by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer that he has designed for the town of Cardigan. It will consist of a large number of floating bouys which will be placed in the river Teifi, the bouys will illuminate and flash, and you will be able to send messages to them via your mobile phone and the bouys will store your voice and play it back to other passers by.

Turbulence by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

I think the project sounds brilliant, but the locals seem to be coming out in force against it, last week a hundred people turned up at the proposed installation site to protest.

Retired builder and local Luddite Ralph Rea said "Flashing lights ! Talking bouys ! From the moment I heard of it my reaction was total disbelief, astonishment and anger. It will never be built because we won't let it." Presumably Mr Rea then put on his best wooden clogs and went off to kick some computers to bits.

Turbulence isn't quite an original idea though, the art installation below was set in the river in Singapore in 2006, I don't know who the artist was.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Fair Listen 2

"Dread Zeppelin is an American band best known for covering the songs of Led Zeppelin in a reggae style sung by an Elvis Presley impersonator"

Well obviously, and what more could you want from a band ?

Listen for free on Scrobbler, you might need an account, but it is free.
Fair Listen

Project for 2009, up until the point where I get bored/busy and forget all about it of course.

Alex over at 101 Of A Wolf has her busy life all mapped out for 1001 days begining January 1st 2009.

I'm not going to be so adventurous as to try 101 things to do, but something did strike me whilst I was perusing my Scrobbler Library the other day.

Artists in my library - 1,734. I thought that was a pretty good amount, reflecting my ever more diverse/perverse tastes in music, but when I looked at the last pages of my library I discovered lots of bands who had only a single listen to their name, who are these people, these lost voices of music.

Actually it's worse than that, I have added a number of bands to my library that I havn't even listened to a single track by. What passing interest made me add Planetshakers, June Tabor, Dread Zeppelin and Fema Kuti and then not botherto hear them ? I can't answer.

Nor can I tell you why Credo, The Girls, Steel Pulse, Bullyrag or Robbie Williams got just a single play and were then dropped into lower recesses of my list never to be listened to again. Oh, actually, in Robbie Williams case I do know why, but let's not wander into the red herring maze of slagging former boy band members for the moment.

Is it fair that Gilla Bruja's entire output is only represented by a single listen in my library ? Surely not, and there must be more to discover in the back catalogue of Django Rheinhardt than one scant listen can reveal.

So, my task (until boredom strikes) is to give all those poor single listen souls a fair turn of the deck and listen to at least an album's worth of songs.

Who knows, by this time next year The Clash might have been toppled from their perch at the top of my chart by Big Bill Broonzy, Anna Nalick or, oh dear, James Blunt.

(Read this hyperlinked on Scrobbler)
Misty Early Morning

I was in the kitchen before sunrise yesterday prepping up for a two large lunch parties, when I looked out the dining room windows banks of fog were drifting down the course, hiding and obscuring the view in turns.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

If You're Stuck On What To Get Me For Christmas

Now available at I Want One Of Those......
Ther Art Of Alan Lathwell

Tree Spirit

The Warrior

Hell's Horseman

Entering The Deadlands

Demon Commander

You can browse Alan's gallery at his Epilogue page here.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I Think I'm Missing The Point

Technology is driving the creation of new slang. In mobile-phone inspired speak, what does "book" mean?

A: Cool

B: Trendy

C: Attractive

The answer was A

Slang lexicographer Jonathon Green says the new words represent the influence of technology coupled with current events. He says many new language terms are being driven by the young. "Book" now actually means "cool" because it is the word that predictive text suggests when users type the letters for "cool".

So.....predictive text works by suggesting words that begin with letters other than the one you have typed ? How would that be a benefit ? Or am I just a dinosaur.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why You should Never Ask For Help On The Internet

Please photoshop this for me.

And when Bagpuss was asleep,
All his friends were asleep.
The mice were ornaments on the mouse organ.
Gabriel and Madeleine were just dolls.
Professor Yaffle was just an old wooden bookend in the shape of a woodpecker.
Even Bagpuss himself, once he was asleep, was just an old, saggy cloth cat,
Baggy, and a bit loose at the seams,
But Emily loved him.

I loved him too.
If I Told You I Had Read Rousseau, Would You Sleep With Me ?

Some people think it's a good line, according to this article on the Beeb.

On the other hand, I'm reading a heavyweight sci-fi tome called Weapons Of Choice, does that make me more sexy, or just more geeky ?

Have you ever lied about reading something in order to impress someone ?
I'm A Self Righteous Twat

And I hope you are too.

"30,000 self-righteous twats who never heard the programme in the first place" - Angus Deayton moans about the people who moaned about Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross behaving like, well, twats really.

Angus Deayton is a clever and well educated man, and he really should think more carefully about his choice of words. There are many things in life that I want to stand up and complain about, but which I did not witness first hand. The ongoing catastrophe in Darfur for one, I havn't been there and seen people dying for myself, but I've seen it second hand in the news and I think it's a disgrace.

The ongoing catatrophe in Zimbabwe isn't any better either, again I have not witnessed Robert Mugabe's thugs destroying the country for myself, but I seen and heard and read the reports from numerous journalists and I am appalled. The same can be said for the massacres at Srebrenica and Sarajevo, the crushing of the democracy movement in Tianamen Square, the way our Labour Government lied and obfuscated in order to bring us into a war in the Middle East, I wasn't there, but I have the right to complain.

Of course Deayton isn't really saying this, the former Have I Got News For You presenter who was kicked out of his job for using cocaine and prostitutes is just keeping to line that pretty much all comedians seem to have toed after the 'prank' phone calls debacle. Comedians demand the right to be able to poke fun at anything, nothing is beyond the pale, there are to be no sacred cows.

Except other comedians obviously.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Shimizu 'Megacity' Pyramid

Now taking applications for Judge Dredd style law enforcement officers.

"COMMERCE, n. A kind of transaction in which A plunders from B the goods of C, and for compensation B picks the pocket of D of money belonging to E" - Ambrose Bierce (from The Devil's Dictionary)
I'm Not Paranoid, They Are Out To Get Me

Things Bears Love
Best Music of 2008

The Top Ten Albums

1) Silver Spoons & Broken Bones - Stone Gods

From the ashes of the Darkness came forth Stone Gods, and they produced a classic rock album packed full of well written songs.

2) Runnin' Wild - Airbourne

Airbourne looked at AC/DC's career and thought "That looks pretty good, we'll do that", it is AC/DC, good basic frantic metal.

3) The Alchemy Index Vol 1-4 - Thrice

I previously thought Thrice to be just another post hardcore outfit, but then they put out these double album filled with shade and texture, from the beautiful and haunting to the screamo and pounding it is experimental, layered and wonderful.

4) Burlesque - Bellowhead

The twenty two legged folk machine's second album continued their marvellous re-interpretation of British folk music.

5) The Scarecrow - Avantasia

Tobias Sammet's all star power metal line up produced a great album, he must be a bit sore that this project is far better than his day job with Edguy.

6) Market Harbour - Ginger

The Wildhearts frontman's most accomplished solo work to date.

7) I Started Out With Nothing And I Still Got Most Of It Left - Seasick Steve

Stripped down blues with a warm gravel voice, should probably get an award for best album title as well.

8)Captain Morgan's Revenge - Alestorm

If you take your metal too seriously then the Scottich Pirate Metal outfit Alestorm (and creators of their very own musical genre) probably won't be your cup of beer. but they make you laugh whilst raising a right old racket at the same time.

9) A New Begining - La Ventura

Female fronted gothic/symphonic power metal, yes it's a well worn route at the moment, but the Dutch band do it really well on their debut album.

10) Black Ice - AC/DC

Hello Grandad do you want a pint of milk stout in a handle glass ? Yes the collective age of AC/DC adds up to several hundred years, but metal's old boys really showed the young guns how to rock this year.

Bubbling Under......

Death Magnetic - Metallica, hurrah, it wasn't shit
H.A.A.R.P. - Muse, live brilliance
Songs From The Sparkle Lounge - Def Leppard, crap title, good album
Inflikted - The Cavalera Conspiracy, heavy, fast, heavy, great
Here We Stand - The Fratellis, the best Beatles album that Oasis never recorded
The Premonition - Firewind, good power metal from Greece
Seasons of Tragedy - Benedictum

I've tried to actually put albums into my top ten that were al released in 2008, these two albums released late in 2007 were also awesome and both would have been on my top ten otherwise.....

Blackout - Britney Spears
The Bairns - Rachel Unthank and the Winterset

Best Live Band

The Wildhearts, always the best band to see live
Alestorm, "We want more wenches and beer", oh yes, fetch me tri-corner hat and make the parrot walk the plank
G U Medicine - Awesomely heavy
Spit Like This - Highly entertaining
Tigertailz - the Boyos still rock
The Art of Carlos Diez

More galleries on his website