Monday, April 30, 2007

Party On Dudes

We went to a nice party on Saturday night, chefling Robyn's 21st bash, lots of booze (and a tired / hungover Sunday), great food, and who was the really hot lady in the white pants and black corset, wow, smokin'.
Two Blackbirds

Mrs YS and myself have managed to rescue two Blackbirds in two days. The first, a female, somehow flew into the kitchen late yesterday afternoon, where she perched on the hanging strip light until we managed to usher her out of the velux window in a panicky burst of flying feathers.

The second was a fledged chick who had landed in the drive this morning. I could see a severe bout of twittering from outside so I had a look and found a Magpie being mobbed by the chick's parents, a couple of fairly well aimed clods of soil drove the mag away.

I don't spend all winter feeding the Blackbirds just to fatten them up for the Mags.
How The Mighty Have Fallen, And Keep On Falling

So Leeds have been relegated (a ten nil win next week isn't all that likely to happen), and now it looks as if the club is going into administration as well.

At least we can sleep soundly in the knowledge that there are numerous ex-Leeds players and staff who have taken huge, dirty great enormous piles of money out of LUFC whilst the club edges closer to bankruptcy, you shameless swine.
Food Offers

This week's fresh & frozen food offers

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another Shameful Day For Cricket

It set off (after rain delays) so well, Adam Gilchrist on scintillating, world cup winning form, smashing Sri Lanka's attack to all parts of the field, but then it descended into farce and shambles.

Bowing down to it's TV masters, the ICC forced the Wold Cup to be cut down to 38 overs so it could be played in a single day. There were further delays, the dreaded Duckworth Lewis system was brought into play. Sri Lanka left the field needing 8+ runs an over, and resumed play needing 10+ runs per over, how bloody stupid is this in our cup final. For football fans, this is like Chelsea scoring once in the first half over Man U, then Man U being told the have to score three times in the second half to win, I know, over simplified, but who can actually describe the DL Method ?

Sri Lanka were offered the light, took it, and were then told that they had forfeited the match for taking the light, a stage was brought onto the pitch, the umpires tried in vain to have it removed, the pitch markers were taken up and then laid back out again. Shambles, disgrace, embarrassment, a farcical tournament comes to a farcical end. The organisers were booed as they took to the stage for the presentation, and rightly so.

The organisation of this World Cup has been awful, heads really should roll, but there are piles of money to be made in world cricket at the moment, so the fat cats at the top of the game will probably stay just where they are (which incidentally is Dubai, that well known cricketing nation).

So 47 days of cricket has ended, a pointlessly long tournament with a lot of pointless games. England, India, Pakistan and South Africa were all well below par, Bangladesh and Ireland excelled, but their excellence sadly made the Super 8 stage into a progression for the top four. Australia have been superb all the way through, dominating, relentless, playing inspired and inspiring cricket, they were worthy winners, it's just a shame that the tournament will be remembered for almost everything except their cricket.

RIP Bob Woolmer.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Durham Demolished

Joe 'Boycott' Sayers ground out 149no in patient and matchwinning style, then Hoggy went on the rampage against the Durham top order taking four of their top five in a half hour burst ysterday morning. Yorkshire were left with a total of 30 to reach in their second innings, Craig White fell (and will probably get replaced by the form seeking Vaughan who returns to the Tykes for two county matches) but completed their demolition of Durham in two and a half days.

Yorkshire top the Div 1 table by 10 points.

Let us hope that today's World Cup Final is worth watching, after both NZ and SA were pretty poor in the semi's, surely Oz and Sri Lanka can produce a game worth watching for the dozens of people that have bought tickets for the final. Will the final be a sell out ? Neither of the semi's were even close, what shoddy organisation.

Friday, April 27, 2007


Or compost to be more precise. We generate quite a lot of green kitchen waste here at IGC, and in my efforts to be more green, recycle more and put less junk into landfills I'd like to get rid of it if I can.

Wosser is going to take some, is there anyone else in Burley-In-W, Ilkley, Addingham that would like kitchen waste for their compost ? I can deliver the stuff if I'm passing through, although this may mean when I take the waiting staff home, so if you'd prefer not to have a large spiky haired bloke leaving bulging bin liners in your driveway after midnight maybe you could come round and collect.

If anyone is interested just e-mail me and we'll sort something out.

A question for the green fingered types out there, although our waste is mostly peelings, leftover salads, fruit rinds etc., can these items be put into compost ?
Used tea bags
Used coffee grounds

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Brian Posehn - Metal By Numbers

I've nicked this from Primate Journal because it's brilliant. Comedian Brian Posehn (with the help of real metal god Scott 'Not' Ian) explains why a large part of todays metal scene is crap. I'm with you Brian, bring back the big riffs and solos!

A Reading Conundrum

Right, I won this little competition over at Eleanor's place (thanks Eleanor!), but what should I d first ? Should I read Antony Beever's account of the Spanish Civil War and educate myself about the conflict and its politics, or do I plunge right into Hemingway's fictionalised account of the same war which has been praised as being one of the greatest war novels of all time ?

Either way, I'm going to finish Saint Bob's ramblings around Africa first.

I'm not exactly short of reading material.
'Ello John, Wanna New Motor ?

Chefling Robyn is selling her car prior to becoming an impoverished university student.

Vauxhall corsa
R Reg
91,000 miles
9 months MOT
1 month tax
Very reliable (well, I must add it has never caused her to be late for work)

£500 o.n.o

Should you wish to purchase this excellent little runner you can contact Robyn on 07921 578 326

Monday, April 23, 2007

Today ! In All Newspapers !

Q - Would you buy a newspaper if it did not contain a free wallchart / poster / cd / dvd ?

a) Yes

b) No

c) I'm not nswering this question unless I get a free wallchart / poster / cd / dvd etc....

Free today in The Indy - The Indy Poster Guide To Newspaper Freebies, every child should have one etc. etc.......
A Taste Crisis Of Biblical Proportions

I set off to purchase a new pair of shoes, work shoes I must add, shoes which will be covered in grease, flour, blood and other less easily identifiable things in a matter of days.

I showed them to Mrs YS.

"But you always wear a black uniform at work, why have you bought brown shoes ?"

"Er, because they seemed comfy."

Mrs YS rolls her eyes and I potter off to work, as soon as I walk into the kitchen Chefling Robyn says...

"You're wearing brown shoes with black trousers!"

There is some sort of secret dress code here that I don't seem to get, I must have had a fashion transplant.
90 All Out

So not only did Yorkshire get off to a flyer last week by winning both of their games, but Lancashire did their very best to keep all of us Tykes happy but getting their arses kicked for a pathetic 90 all out on Sunday.

We would particularly like to thank Mal Loye, Karl Brown (age 8 and a half see here), Steve Croft, Luke Sutton, Kyle Hogg, Simon Marshall and Oliver Newby, who between them managed to score a grand total of 4 runs, well done lads, you were crap.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Yet Another Dismal World Cup

As Fletcher quits and Vaughan considers his one day career, those in the know in my part of the world are asking why wasn't Tyke spinner Adil Rashid included in our World Cup squad. After all, Fletcher seems to have used virtually every English cricketer currently playing the game, before settling on a team composed of the aging (Nixon - although he did fairly well), the injured (Anderson, Vaughan) and the out of form (all the rest of the team, except Pieterson and Panesar).

Young Adil, a good Bradford born and bred Yorkshireman, launched himself upon an unsuspecting Surrey on the first two days of the county championship. His excellent batting on the opening day, 86 runs batting at number 7, was rather overshadowed by Rudolph, Gillespie (isn't he supposed to be a bowler ?) and Bresnan all getting tons, but on the second day, with Surrey plugging on and racking up the runs, he produced a flurry of wickets to finish with figures of 4 for 65 off 17, leaving Surrey at 237-5 at close of play.

Rashid had a good match against India U-19's last summer, and this is a nation who know something about spinners, when he racked up 114 runs and took 8 wickets.

Adil Rashid looks like he could be, and should be, a future England star. The Windies and India are on their way this summer, let's see him in action.

Some other cricket stuff.....

The England team has spent all winter in Australia, then the World Cup, our domestic season has already started, they will play all summer in domestic and international matches, September brings the 20/20 championship, then in October they can have a brief rest before they jet off to Sri Lanka in November. For our team, how much cricket is too much ?

Brother in law mk.2, aka The Lurker, had a good game at the Yorkshire CCC ground in sunny Scarborough last week, 73 runs and a wicket, good going mate. How about the three of you keep me in touch with your cricketing exploits, text or e-mail, we could run a mini league for the three of you ?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Slowly, The Real World Became A Distant Memory

In my quest to find ways to spend all of my spare time on line and in alternate realities, I've had a go at the MMOG (that's Massive Multiplayer Online Game to my non geek readers) Eve Online.

There is a free 14 day download available at the site, which allows you into the game with almost no restrictions. I should imagine that if you play you character regularly for the first two free weeks you'll be sorely tempted to pay the monthly fee which will allow you to continue in the Eve universe.

Eve appears to be massive, there is a huge universe to explore, trade around and get lost in, and the graphics are quite fantastic, beautiful even, in a sci-fi freak sort of way.

My character is called China Flex, I'm an Intaki, a sort of futuristic human descended from the French, I'm flying a little space ship called a Navitas Frigate that vaguely resembles a fish.

The above picture shows three Navitas class Frigates.

So far I have completed all of my basic training, if you have a go at the game don't skip through the training, there is an awful lot to remember. Now I'm just pottering about, doing a bit of mining - refining - selling, I've built some ship parts and sold them on, constructed and delivered a small shuttle craft and shot up a few very low level pirates. Combat is a laugh, set your ship on 'close orbit' and spin around your foe in dizzying circles whilst lobbing railgun shots at each other.

Oh what fun, I might never have to speak to a real, living person ever again, unless it's it takes place in an in-game chat room :-)

I'll do a Pardus vs. Eve thingy when I've played a bit more.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Book Review : The Swarm - Franz Schatzing***

When I first read Jurassic Park, I thought - this would be really good as a film, and this is how The Swarm comes across, as more of a giant screen play than as a novel.

It starts off in 70's horror mode, vanishing fisherman, exploding lobsters (I kid you not), invasions of crabs and killer Killer Whales. Then it veers into trying to a scientific thriller as teams of scientists around the world struggle to discover what is causing the varied sea creatures to act so strangely, then we have a quick stab at being a first contact novel as a new intelligence is discovered, and finlly we have a slightly farcical potential armaggedon scenario at the end with scientists and army types running around shooting at each other.

It seems almost perfect for a brainless Hollywood blockbuster, lots of scope for big special effects a la The Abyss, which it 'shares' more than a few ideas with, monsters, bad guys with guns, lots of explosions.

It's the bad guys with guns bit that really annoys me though, it's just too simplistic an approach to portray all American military types as gung ho war hungry kiddie killers, so the final chapters of the book appear just like the penultimate scenes of an action movie, which is a bit of a shame as there was scope earlier in the novel for a decent expansion on the first contact ideas.

Schatzing rounds the book off with some cod philosophy (sorry, couldn't help myself) which will doubtless be cut from the forthcoming movie. It's fun in a fairly daft way, quite entertaining in parts, but at the end I felt it was all just slightly silly.
Book Review : Peace And War - Joe Haldeman***

The first two books in this volume share a storyline, Haldeman takes his experiences of the Vietnam war and uses them to paint a picture of a future war in space, the hopelessness and pointlessness of it all is well described. The sci-fi side examines what happens to the characters as their travels and time dialtion takes effect, although they may spend only months fighting in real time, decades pass back on Earth and their infrequent visits to their home planet become incresingly odd as the politics and culture of their world moves on without them.

Haldeman suffers from an excess of ideas at the end of book two though, I thought the ending was left too much up in the air and the duex ex machina ending was all too contrived, a shame really, it spoilt an otherwise good sci-fi novel.

Part three, Forever Free, looks at a different kind of war, a political and cultural clash fought by remotely controlled robot soldiers operated by mechanics sitting safely hundreds of miles away from the action. Here Haldeman examines a possibility for the end of all wars and all violence.

So, Forever War is fantastic, Forever Free is good to start with but struggles by the end, and Forever Peace isn't a sequal to the original two books at all but is fairly good.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Yorkshire Soul's Rambling Quiz Series 6.4

Identify the album covers from the cut down pictures....

1)Impossible Princess - Kylie Minogue

2)War - U2

3) Appetite For Desctruction - Guns And Roses

4) A Grand Don't Come For Free - The Streets

5) Elvis Presley - Elvis Presley

6) A Rush Of Blood To The Head - Coldplay

7) Love Angel Music Baby - Gwen Stefani

8) IV - Led Zeppelin

9) Atom Heart Mother - Pink Floyd

10) London Calling - The Clash

This Week's Scores

Mr Moosehead 10 (obviously has the largest cd collection)
Dominic L 8
Tony G 7
Didier 7
Chez 5
MR 3


1)Tony G 42
= Didier 42
3) Dominic L 41
4) MR 40
5) Chez 37
6) Mr Moosehead 30
7) Squirt 28
8) Alistair T 14
9) Penny Farthing 12
10) Dr. P 8
11) Lyle 8
12) Stephanie 6
13) James H 5

We have a change at the top, it is really tight though, Tony and Didier sharing the #1 position but only 5 points seperating the top 5.

Well done folks, another quiz will be on the way soon.
Then Roger Bannister Was Just A Dot In The Distance

I thought I'd have a go at the 1k sprint yesterday.

5mins 55sec, that should offer hope to everyone else at the gym.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Chef Robyn keeps arriving at work and then recounting whatever she dreamt the night before. I've been having a recurring dream this week as well, after watching the Harry Potter movies almost every night this week I have dream involving Hermione Granger saying...

"Yorkshire Soul, can I polish your wand ?"
War Is Hell

Oh poop, I got ambushed.

From Galactic Network News....."In a recent battle Lt. Commander Rawbert Macsushi completely destroyed Sir Raul Endymion's ship. The moment Sir Raul Endymion tried to flee he was vaporized by Lt. Commander Rawbert Macsushi's shots.
War is hell."


Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson go on a camping trip. After a good dinner and a bottle of wine, they retire for the night, and go to sleep.

Some hours later, Holmes wakes up and nudges his faithful friend. "Watson, look up at the sky and tell me what you see."

"I see millions and millions of stars, Holmes" replies Watson.

"And what do you deduce from that?"

Watson ponders for a minute.

"Well, astronomically, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, I observe that Saturn is in Leo. Horologically, I deduce that the time is approximately a quarter past three. Meteorologically, I suspect that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. Theologically, I can see that God is all powerful, and that we are a small and insignificant part of the universe. What does it tell you, Holmes?"

Holmes is silent for a moment. "Watson, you idiot!" he says. "Someone has stolen our tent!"

Monday, April 09, 2007

Just Call Me Lance Armstrong

(but with all my own testicles)

5k Gym Cycle 7mins 15sec

Read it and weep Wosser, or read it and cycle, whichever.

I've got to earn a living you know.

We are a small food business based in Ilkley.

We can provide good quality foods at very reasonable prices, we have a number of stock lines which includes......
Bacon 2.27k for £9.25
Excellent Hand Raised Pork Pies £1 each or 6 for £5
Fresh & Frozen Meats
Fresh Salads
Frozen Breads, Desserts, Buffet items

We can supply cooked joints for buffets, so if your oven isn't big enough to accomodate a whole ham or topside, we can cook it for you. We can also slice and dress buffet meats for you.

If you run a sports club / cricket club / Scouts & Guides etc, we can supply you with good quality, reasonably priced foods for car boot sales, buffets and other fund raising events.

Each week we put out an offer sheet, on a Monday, featuring weekly offers from our frozen food brokers, these items change each week and are sometimes short dated or factory seconds, I'll add notes on which items I have tried and what I think of the quality. The food brokers sometimes come up with some really fantastic offers.

Nesfield Catering Offers Page

That's it, I'll be keeping Yorkshire Soul relatively ad free, I might just pop in the odd reminder about my food site though.
World Listening

A Scrobbler meme, where are your top 50 from ? And what genre ?

1 New Model Army 226 UK Folk/Punk
2 Muse 211 UK Prog
3 Siouxsie and the Banshees 206 UK Punk
4 The Clash 197 UK Punk
5 Coheed and Cambria 182 USA Prog
6 The Beatles 169 UK Rock
7 Iron Maiden 157 UK Metal
8 Pink Floyd 155 UK Prog
9 The Wildhearts 153 UK Metal
10 Paradise Lost 152 UK Metal
11 Rush 143 Canada Prog
12 Ramones 140 USA Punk
13 The Damned 139 UK Punk
14 Marillion 135 UK Prog
15 Gogol Bordello 134 Hutzegovina ? folk/Punk
16 Status Quo 133 UK Rock
17 Lindisfarne 129 UK Folk
17 Desmond Dekker 129 Jamaica Ska
19 Ginger 126 UK Rock
20 Richard Wagner 125 Germany Classical
20 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 125 Australia Rock
22 Dead Kennedys 124 USA Punk
23 Metallica 122 USA Metal
24 Magnum 121 UK Rock
25 Sepultura 119 Brazil Metal
26 Rammstein 118 Garmany Metal
27 Placebo 117 USA Rock
28 The Fighting Cocks 115 UK Indie techno gypsy weirdness
29 Marilyn Manson 113 USA Metal
30 Bob Marley & The Wailers 112 Jamaica Reggae
31 Led Zeppelin 111 UK Rock
32 Frédéric Chopin 110 Poland Classical
33 Queensrÿche 109 USA Metal
34 HammerFall 108 Sweden Metal
35 Tiken Jah Fakoly 107 Ivory Coast Reggae
35 The Exploited 107 UK Punk
35 The Distillers 107 Australia Punk
38 Johnny Cash 106 USA Country
38 Rancid 106 USA Punk
40 System of a Down 105 USA Metal
40 Madness 105 UK Ska
42 Roger Waters 104 UK Prog
43 Mastodon 103 USA Metal
43 Megadeth 103 USA Metal
45 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 102 Austria Classical
46 Therapy? 101 Ireland Metal
46 Def Leppard 101 UK Rock
46 Rage Against the Machine 101 USA Metal
49 Ian Dury and the Blockheads 100 UK Folk/Punk
50 Simon & Garfunkel 98 USA Folk

UK 22
USA 14
Australia 2
Germany 2
Jamiaca 2
Austria 1
Brazil 1
Canada 1
Hutzegovina 1
Ireland 1
Ivory Coast 1
Poland 1
Sweden 1

My top ten is nearly a red, white and blue wash for the Brits, and nearly everything that is sung, is sung in English with the exception of Rammstein in German and Tiken Jah Fakoly in French.

Metal 14
Punk 8
Rock 8
Prog 6
Classical 3
Folk/Punk 3
Reggae 2
Ska 2
Country 1
Indie Techno Gypsy Weirdness 1

So, I'm still a TROO METUHL WARRIOR!!!! at heart, and my entire chart is powered by the wonderful sound of the electric guitar, yeehah!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Music Hell

Josh Spero writing in the Indy asked various musicians and celebs what their idea of musical hell would be.

"I know exactly what it would be. There's a band called DragonForce - put them in YouTube. It's just the most ludicrous thing you've ever witnessed in your life, the most extreme cheese metal.

They have this battle of guitar solos. One guy is doing a 3,000 mile-an-hour guitar solo, then he takes a sip of beer and the other one swooshes his hair back and starts playing. Our producer showed it to us as what we shouldn't be doing.

I don't think it's a parody - they're a really serious band, apparently. I think they think it's really cool, it's the ultimate metal look, the coolest thing ever.

Metal is one of the genres of music as a band we're not into. We're very open to lots of different music, but it's one thing we always find hard to take seriously.

The emphasis is on how fast you can play a riff or how hard you can hit the drums. It's become such a pastiche now. It hasn't evolved at all. You always have new offshoots, new developments, new artists trying to bring a new spin on it. With a lot of metal artists it's just about completely bringing back what's already been done." - Kai Fish, Mystery Jets.

Right, so this is from a man whose band was formed by the lead singers dad, who is also in the band, and insisted that band learn classic rock techniques as he thought most modern music was crap and the music of his youth was much, much better. What did Kai say again ? "It's just about completely bringing back what's already been done," oooo kay, but that's just what your band do isn't it.

Otherwise Mr Fish isn't far wrong, Dragonforce are incredibly cheesy, they have taken the power metal genre into a new vein of pure cheddar, but, they are rather good at it. There are quire a lot of us, young and old, who really appreciate a good, fast guitar solo, or two, or ten. So Dragonforce do rather take fretwanking to the extreme, and yes, they also include keyboard and drum solo's in their set, but it's all done with a grin and an acknowledgement of just how daft and fun it all is.

If you are outside a scene, it's probably much harder to see developments within it. Mr Fish claims that metal is all about repetition of the old, but it isn't really, you might be able to say that about (the very good) Led Zeppelin clones Wolfmother, but the rest of the scene has moved on. Nu-Metal caused a schism within the metal community, much as the emerging punk inspired thrash movement did two decades before.

Bands like System Of A Down, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Papa Roach and many others have moved the metal scene in new directions, taking inspiration from hip-hop and rap, or from punk and hardcore. The musical style of many current popular metal acts would be unrecognisable to a metal fan of twenty years ago, with hardcore stylings of gruff or dirty lyrics and few if any solo's the current rash of metalcore bands seem to owe more to the post punk hardcore movement than to any classic rock and metal roots.

In the same article Alan Donohoe from Rakes said this.....

"I would hate to be stuck in a lift with a band called the Murderdolls. They're a second project from Slipknot. They vomit and piss in their costumes every night, then put them back in their wardrobe for the next night. The crew have to flip a coin to see who's going to get it out.

I've only heard Slipknot. I can only assume that the stuff by Murderdolls is going to be similar heavy metal stuff, with a complete lack of melody. It's so aggressive and negative - I don't get why anyone can be so negative. You can't really hear the lyrics - I sound like such an old granddad now.

My mate was telling me that they were guys in their forties with families and stuff. They're managers by day, Satanists by night."

The moral of this is, don't believe everything, or in this case anything, that your mates tell you.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Land's End To John O'Groats 7
Bromyard, Herefordshire

I know this isn't exactly a strait line from Cheltenham, but I thought it might be nice to pop over the border into Wales on the way up, so I'm headed in that direction.

So, what do Hekerty, Eliza Carthy & The Ratcatchers, Whapweasel and The Witches Of Elswick have in common ? Well, they are just four of the numerous acts appearing at the 40th Annual Bromyard Folk Festival, which I shan't see as it takes place on the 14th, 15th & 16th Sept, by which time I hope to be somehwere in the beautiful wilds of Scotland. I'll make a quick prediction for you though, if you do go to the festival, expect to see many beards (at which point some wag (probably Dr. P or MR) will reply, and that's just the women!).

Even if you can't make it to the world reknowned folk festival, there is still plenty to see in Bromyard, in fact it is such a happening place that they even have their own tourist information centre located at 1 Rowberry Street Bromyard, Tel: 01885 482341 ( Winter) 01885 482038 ( Summer). I love the idea of having seperate phone numbers for winter and summer, I suspect that if you call them up in mid January some grizzled old Herefordian will answer and ask you why the bloody hell you'd want to come here in the middle of winter.

Broad Street, Bromyard, c.1910, a Tuesday, about half past two in the afternoon.

Bromyard has an excellent History Society with its own webpage and even its own Local History Centre, handily sited next door to the Crown & Sceptre pub. The history society celebrated its own 40th anniversary last year, shame, just a year later and they could have had a combined local history and folk music festival. Just imagine how much fun that would have been !

If I didn't know better (having been informed by the History Society's page), then I'd suspect that Bromyard sudenly appeared, fully formed, only and exactly four decades ago, why is this ? Well this year is also the 40th Annual Bromley Gala, Country Show and Steam Rally. 40, 40, 40. "The full programme should be available on this website in February,(but it isn't) but in the meantime should you wish to make contact with the Gala Society on non-trade matters, please ring our chairman, Liz Huffer - Tel: 01531 640325."

Perhaps whilst I'm here I could spend the afternoon firing longbows with the Bromyard Bowmen, if I don't fancy that then there are two riding schools close by, or I could risk my health and ankles at Out To Grass which is an off road mountain boarding centre, that looks like a laugh. There is an annual (but not the 40th ?) Town Crier competition, a vineyard and also the ever popular Stoke Lacy Village Hall. "There's always something going on at the purpose built Village Hall in Stoke Lacy just 3 miles from Bromyard. The Hall is home to many community events including Pantomines, Plays, Quizzes, Conferences and Private Parties." I'll not be short of things to do then.

Bromyard circled on a map of Herefordshire.

Bromyard circled on a map of the British Isles.

Total Distance Travelled = 397 kilometers

Cycling 76k
Rowing 114k
Running 77k
Walking 80k
X-training 37k

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Seems As It's Easter

Here's a picture of Betty Curse and nice big neon cross.
Wildhearts Press Release

The Wildhearts are set to release their new self-titled album on the 23rd April. Released on Round Records and featuring Ginger, CJ, Ritch Battersby and Scott Sorry, it promises to be a riff-stormer of a record. In Ginger's words "We are really proud of this album. It marks what honestly feels like a fresh start in what has been an up-and-down career for the band. Gone are the drugs and alcohol problems. There is a focus and determined spirit in the band now, which we think we have captured perfectly on this album. The melodies are still there, the big choruses are still there, but the mammoth guitar riffs are back and heavier than ever. We're excited to have you along for this fresh new stage in the on-going legacy that is The Wildhearts."

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Rooting For The Bad Guy
2. The Sweetest Song
3. The Revolution Will Be Televised
4. The New Flesh
5. Slaughtered Authors
6. The Hard Way
7. Inner City Overture
8. Bi Polar Baby
9. She's All That
10. Destroy All Monsters

The album will be preceded by a download only single: 'The Sweetest Song', released on the 9th April, from online shops including iTunes - check the website for links as we get them. Ginger has confirmed that this is a one song taster, but (for any completionists out there) the version that will appear on this exclusive download will not appear on the album, nor will it be released in any format again.
Rocking the Kitchen

10 tracks that are getting some play at the moment....

Here Comes The War - New Model Army
Skin Receiver - Auf De Mar
Alfie - Lily Allen
The Great Song Of Indifference - Bob Geldof
No Candy - The Fighting Cocks
Girls In The Back - White Rose Movement
Los Angeles Is Burning - Bad Religion
The Cat With 2 Heads - The Aquabats
Trenchmouth - Rasputina
Panzer Attack - The Cooper Temple Clause
Spirit Of The Age - Hawkwind

Oh, 11 tracks then.

(Hyperlinked on Scrobbler)
Ah, That Caribbean Atmosphere

Well, it's been decidedly lacking through this World Cup, can you imagine England playing Argentina in a two thirds empty stadium in the football world cup ? It wouldn't happen. In the poorly run cricket world cup though this is exactly what we have seen happining, the giants of the game playing each other in front of crowds the size of which are more common in Sunday league games.

Faisal Hasnain, the ICC's chief financial officer has said that there is so much money rolling into the ICC coffers that they barely know what to do with it. In that case, why on earth have the ticket prices been set so high that the local in the Windies can't afford to watch the games ?

The atmosphere at almost every match so far has been pretty flat and this is both a shame and an embarassment for the game and its organisers. Even though the ICC could have done something about the crowds (reduce ticket prices, let school children in free etc) when the problem became apparent early on in the competition, they have chosen to do nothing, except a bit of hand wringing and blame shifting.

""We had to rely on the advice of the local organising committee to establish the prices of the tickets. It is, in retrospect, a little too rich for the local palate," said Malcolm Speed, Chief Executive Officer of the ICC. The organisers knew well before the World Cup started that ticket sales had been dreadful, but they did nothing, and Malcolm Speed's attempt to blame someone else is pathetic, Mr. Speed, you're the boss, the buck stops with you.

I've been dissapointed watching the World Cup on telly, it's much more fun with the crowd buzzing, yelling and cheering, and to be fair, the few hundred people that have attended each match have done their best, but it's hard for a quarter crowd to make enough noise to fill a whole stadium.

Which leads on to the stadiums, whether or not they've been built with Chinese money in an obscure attempt to embarass Taiwan (does anyone understand why these two non-entities of cricket are involved in sponsorship ?). What on earth are the Windies going to do with all these big new/rebuilt stadia, if they can't fill them for a World Cup then what can they fill them for ? A Bob Marley tribute concert ? A Windies cricket fundraising barbeque ?

Let's hope that the World Cup Final is played before a full house, or even in a finished stadium, for all of us cricket lovers the world over, we couldn't have a worse advert for the game than empty seats for the last match.
World Cup News

The World Cup finished yesterday when Nixon and Bopara's almost heroic stand just failed to beat Sri Lanka.

Michael Vaughan - do Rauf and Bowden realise that a man is only out when the bat has come into contact with the ball, if it misses, then he's not out.

Andrew Flintoff - twat of a shot.

Kevin Pieterson - can't be expected to save the day every bloody match.

Bowlers - all steady, not a bad display, still need more out and out wicket takers though.

Fielding - generally rather good.
Yorkshire Soul's Rambling Quiz Series 6.4

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wosser's A Winner

At the lung bursting 1km row, the times are....

Wosser the Mighty 3 mins 29 sec
YS the Slightly Less Mighty 3 mins 36 sec
Andy Goldsworthy At The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Whenever I return from a day's hiking, Mrs YS often says.."So what did you take photos of today, walls, trees and sheep as usual ?"

"Well," I say. "That's what the Dales are, dry stone walls, trees, and sheep."

I returned home from my cultural day out yesterday with a big grin and was pleased to report to my wife that the new Andy Goldsworthy exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park relies heavily on these three features, dry stone walls, trees and sheep were much in evidence.

Goldsworthy is my favourite artist, like Lanzarote's Cesar Manriques he works with nature's forms and shapes, subtly altering our conceptions of them. All of his art is made from natural materials, and quite a lot of it, such as his ice and petal work, and the frost shadows, are designed only to last for a day, or an hour, or until the sun comes up, it's clever, enchanting stuff.

"Each work grows, stays, decays- integral parts of a cycle which the photograph shows at its height, marking the moment when the work is most alive. There is an intensity about a work at its peak that I hope is expressed in the image. Process and decay are implicit."-Andy Goldsworthy.

There a number of outdoor installations at the YSP, this one is called hanging trees and looks at the interaction between trees and dry stone walls.

I love this. He has taken the essence of the landscape and made art from it, it fits in perfectly in the place it is sited becoming at the same time natural, pleasing and intriguing.

I wasn't allowed to take photos of the indoor installations and art, so you'll have to go and have a look at the wonderful tree stacks, wood rooms, the walls made from mud and human hair, paintings in blood, mud, blood and made by sheep (honestly, you can't help but smile). The various indoor galleries also carry a career retrospective of Goldsworthy's work.

One gallery shows photographs of various dams the artist had built in a stream close to his Scottish home, he builds the dams in dry weather, then waits for the natural force of the stream in wet weather to destroy his work, then he builds another dam. The dams are all beatiful, like dry stone walls with branches and logs cleverly woven through them to create portals and patterns, wonderful.

This is another of the outdoor installations called Outclosure, which looks at the way man and his laws impact on the accessibility of land. This is by far the best exhibition I have seen at YSP over the past few years, it is all free and runs until January 2008 so you have plenty of time to get over and see it for yourself.

Oh dear, art by Andy Goldsworthy, fashion by Stevie Wonder.