Monday, February 28, 2005

Old Punks Never Die..............
...........They Just Smell That Way

Twas the night of Cheryl's 30th birthday, a 70's theme night to be held at Rawdon CC, I think it's fair to say that many of the regulars were appalled when I wandered in.

Sid Snot and Ozzy Ozbourne, aka Ysoul and Mrs YS

The ladeez, young Cheryl, Candice and Mrs YS.

Oh dear, I don't fancy yours much, JR, P the bootboy and YS. Shortly afterwards the dj dared to play The Clash and there was much pogoing, moshing and giggling. The younger folk at the party looked on in horror.

No honestly love, I just wanted a picture of their costumes, I'd hardly even noticed her legs, still, a small wahey! might be in order.

Too much beer/food/giggly pogoing. P's traditional end of the evening pose semi-comatose on the settee.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Yorkshire Soul's Rambling Quiz - Series 3 - Week 5

I know, I have not done a quiz for ages.

The rules are, answers to me at by Sunday 6th March, I'll try to put the answers and league up on Mon 7th. Only give the answer, don't provide a list of possibles or they will all be marked wrong.

League Table Week 4
1) Malcolm R 64
2) Dr. P 54
3) Eleanor 51
4) Chez 42
5) I am a Donut 34
6) Penny Farthing 24
7) Alex H(Yorkshire Ranter) 15
8) Trish 15
9) Chay 14
10)Katherine(Chatiryworld) 5
11) Tony T 0

1) What sort of thing is this ?

2) What are these things called ?

3) Who is this ?

4) Who is this ?

5) Who is this ?

6) Who is this ?

7) What is this building called ?

8) Another splendid pile of stones, what is this one called ?

9) What is the name of this warship ?

10) What breed of dog is this ?

I'm not really sure what all this is about, fo' shizzle via Leptard

Friday, February 25, 2005

As Yorkshire Soul's fame contiues to spread, along list of 'D' and 'Z' list celebrities have tried to attach themselves to my rising star....

"I read it every day, and so does my wife" - Pope John Paul II

"I read it for his powerful, intellectual, centrist diatribes, but the tits and bums are pretty good too" - Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

"He does his hair just like mine" - Gareth Gates

"I'll be taking part in Yorkshire Soul's reality show 'Jump Into A Piranah Infested River You Bunch Of Self Centred Petty Celebrity Fuckwits', I think he should work on the title though, must dash, got to shave my balls" - Nadia from Big Brother

"Our career has gone into freefall since he stopped writing about us" - TATU

"We wouldn't be where we are today if Yorkshire Soul didn't keep posting pictures of us with our pants off" - The Olson Twins (naked)

"I love reading about our special needs friends in the Great United British Kingdoms of Yorkshire" - George Bush (in green crayon)

"See you in court" - David Hasslehoff S.A.A.A. (Strait As An Arrow)

"See you in the bedroom" - Elton John C.A.A.R.O.T (Camp As A Row Of Tents)

"Not if I see you first" - Yorkshire Soul B.T.T.W (Backs To The Wall)

"Books, wine and any other old bollocks" - Mrs Yorkshire Soul
Now that I'm famous......

Things I must do (or is that that things one must do ?)...

1) Buy a crap dog, I don't really like dogs, but it seems to be the in thing for us celebs to do,

Minor celeb Lee Ann Rimes goes over the top with two crap dogs.

Sigourney Weaver and pet, this is the mid way stage between the stomach burster and the big fucking scary thing that eats everyone, as a dog though, it's shit.

Paris Hilton, porn star, and the crappiest dog so far. It's wearing a pink t-shirt!!!! Seriously, if you see dogs like this on the street, they are classified as vermin, you can legally drop kick them into the next county.

Billy Joel and his good friend Fionula, there are so many things wrong with this that I don't know where to begin.

2) Be rude to people in Tesco , ok, so I've got that sorted at least.

3) Be gay, get outed by the media. Oh dear, I really don't fancy this bit at all, I mean, I might end up with some nice attractive person.... David Hasslehoff for example, (in case of legal action, I'm not actually insinuating the 'The Hoff' is in the least bit partial to pitching from the rough), or, I could end up with some dreadful old trout with bad manners, appaling dress sense and a dead animal on his bonce....

Oh bloody hell look at the state of Elton John, he looks like Ozzy Osbourne's granny. I don't much fancy the options here, can I be a celeb and stay strait ?

4) Get a drug habit, hmmm, does this count ?

5) Get a posse of admirers,

Sorted, I presume the money starts rolling in any minute now ?
Fame At Last

Wahey! And I say again, wahey!! I got a mention in the national press, the dear old Guardian gave a link on their Guardian Blog Linklog , does this mean I can sell my story and make millions a la Belle de Jour ? Or shall I diminish, retreat into the west, and remain Yorkshiresoul ?

(Cheers to Bertie for reading the Grauniad)
Walking Yorkshire : Ilkley Moor

Another day with snow on the course, another day walking then.

The 1st tee at Ilkley golf club covered in snow.

The lower tarn opposite the old nurses accomodation on the edge of the moor.

Looking up the moor to White Wells (118467), I'm not jumping in the water today!

Looking along the moor to Ilkley Crags.

Looking back down into Wharfedale and Ilkley, I can see my house from here.

A valley, full of rocks, with typical Yorkshire bluntness it's called Rocky Valley (126465).

The Cow & Calf Hotel (134466), in the background you should be able to see Otley Chevin, but in the time it has taken me to walk twenty paces the Chevin has vanished behind a wall of advancing snow.

I stopped off at Mum and Dad's, bumped into brother in law mk.2 in the village, and then walked back to Middleton along the road, this is the iron bridge at Ben Rhydding (137483).

The stepping stones at Ben Rhydding.

Trees damaged by the January storms.

Late afternoon sun on the river.

No play at Olicanians.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

End Of An Era

What's this then ? A strange Yorkshire animal just out from hibernation ? Or 20 years of Yorkshiresoul's locks looking forlorn on the floor ?

I've been thinking about getting a drastic restyle for a while, and Cheryl's imminent 30th birthday 70's bash has given me a good excuse to lop it all off.

Here's the lovely Hannah doing the deed. She kept saying "Are you sure about this Mick?" and I had to promise not to shout at her.

Wahey!!!! Punk as fuck!

It must be so dull to be normal, I wouldn't know of course.
Walking Yorkshire - Round Hill, Beamsley Beacon

You might think that I have done nothing for the past week except for rambling around Yorkshire, avoiding work and generally having a good time, and you'd be right. The golf course has been closed for snow, so I might as well walk.

I set off from home (106486, handily marked CH for clubhouse on the OS map), didn't fancy taking my motor along narrow country roads in this weather. I went up Curly Hill and to the very top of Middleton were I saw this rather glum looking gargoyle in a garden.

From Middleton I went uphill to Hill Top Farm, West Moor House then made a quick detour out to see March Ghyll Reservoir.

Looking across the fields above Middleton to Burley-in-Wharfedale.

The intake tower at March Ghyll (124511). There was a fair wind blowing now and the snow was starting to come down again.

I went back to the farm to pick up the moor track, I didn't fancy hacking my way through shin high heather if the weather was turning. Walked along the track right around the reservoir and then followed the track north from Bow Shaw (124517).

Sadly the track between Bow Shaw and and Gawk Hall Ridge has been utterly ruined by the moronic, petrol head bikers. In places the 'path' must be at least 40 feet wide, a vast ruined swath of moorland, channels cut feet deep into the soil by spinning tyres. It was just passable today as the mud had mostly frozen, I wouldn't fancy it in warmer weather though.

Why are these bikers such twats ? Why do they have to ruin parts of the countryside in this manner ? With enough rain the topsoil simply washes away back to the bare rock beneath, it won't regenerate. This patch is probably the worst damage I have seen for a while, even eclipsing the horrible mess on Blackstone Edge Moor on the Pennine Way.

Looking up the path with Round Hill in the background.

Looking across to Beamsley Beacon from Clifford's Bent. Dos Clifford know he's been outed on an OS map ?

The way marker at Gawk Hall Gate (133530).

Looking down into Wharfedale from the top of Beamsley Beacon, the snow seemed to have halted at Addingham.

Flowers on a shrub growing out from a wall in Langbar, I don't know what they are, answers to the usual address.

Down in the valley again and the sun is out, this is the bridleway runing from Langbar (094514) down to West Hall Lane, I wouldn't fancy meeting a horse on this little thing, I had enough trouble getting past a lady and her excitable labrador.

A tree, especially for the Pretty Tree Appreciation Society.

Regular reader P will be hard at work here. Oh hang on, he's a software/IT bloke, he won't be hard at work then, he'll be writing e-mails, surfing the net, taking part in footy forums and watching the online cricket scores.

Castleberg Scar, Addingham. And then back home, I cut the walk short by walking across the river at the 2nd green, I can get away with this, anyone else would probably get shouted at by irate golfers, not that there were any today.

I was quite surprised to find that my new Rohan walking trousers were totally waterproof, and my nice Meindl boots might have been if I wasn't knee deep in the river.