Thursday, July 31, 2003

Anti Grohlbalisation

Wake up the Wombles, alert the anarchists, get your protest boots on, globalisation is upon us, and its face is Dave Grohl.

It all started innocently enough, he reaches mega stardom with Nirvana, singer swallows a shotgun and he's forced to start a new band, thus the Foo Fighters, but now evil Grohl has a taste for new bands, seizing the opportunity (or the drum stool ) he picks up sticks for Tenecious D. Not satisfied with this he then appears with Queens Of The Stone Age.

Is this then end ? No! Grohl has taken over drumming duties for Killing Joke and rumour has it that he's doing a spot of 'filling in' for Mike Bourdin behind Ozzy, darker rumours have it that Bourdin has been made in to the sausages of the same name.

Ysoul spoke to a frightened drummer yesterday, he wishes only to be known as Lars U.

YS - "So Mr Ulrich, oh shit, sorry Lars, so what has happened to you ?"

LU - "He started turning up after gigs and loitering with the drum roadie, then he'd just stand in the corridor holding some sticks and force me to walk around him, I mean he's so much bigger than me."

YS - "But you are a Danish dwarf are you not ?"

LU - "Hey man! I'm really worried though, I sat on the stool the other night and it had been set for a six foot man........."

YS - "Not a four foot three monkey boy then?"

LU - "Hey man!! I couldn't even reach the drum pedals."

YS - "Cheers Lars, you can find your own way under the door."

LU - "Heeeeeeey maaaaaaan!!! Stop it"
More vandalism of war graves in France as the final resting places of 45 young men from Britain, New Zealand and Canada were desecrated at the St. Aubert cemetery near Cambrai.

Read that line again youth of France, Britain, New Zealand and Canada, the best of a generation came from around the world to keep you free you ungrateful swine.

The St. Aubert cemetery holds the fallen of WW1, 435 Commonwealth soldiers are buried there.

More French appreciation here.
Yorkshire Soul's Rambling Quiz - Answers

Thanks to the 2 people who took part, I'm not sure if P was answering questions or just being obscure so no points.

1) Wes Borlands current band is Eat The Day, his last band was Limp Bizkit, his side project (and pet name for Fred Durst) is Big Dumb Face.

2) Isle d'Anticosti ? It is in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada.

3) Michael Crichton wrote 'The Andromeda Strain', apologies for dyslexic question.

4) This painting is 'Evening Of The Deluge' by JMW Turner, probably painted in 1843, on a Wednesday, just after tea.

5) William H Bonney was Billy The Kid.

6) Botany Bay, and we've got lots more convicts, can we send some more ?

7) Tashkent is the capitol of Uzbekistan.

8) George J Tenet runs the CIA.

9) This ship is the USS Wisconsin.

10) This lady is no ho! This is the fabulous British long jumper, Jade Johnson.

Quiz ranking after week 1.

1) Sheila (2)

2) Dr. P (2)

3) P. (0)

Informal rules for next Monday's quiz, if you want to enter the quiz rankings then e-mail the answers to me, I'll try to post a quiz on Monday and put the answers up on thursday or Friday.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Hubba hubba, what a babe. Good news boys, Krissy is on the lookout for a new man, bad news, it's because her last man was hacked to death with a meat cleaver and fed into the waste disposal unit, and she did it.

But if violent offenders are your thing, check out the girls at Jailbabes.
Two Yorkshiremen were gazing over a wall by the roadside when a hearse rolled
slowly by.

As it disappeared into the distance the first man asked, "Who's dead?"

"Him int' box, I reckon," said the second.

"Aye," mused the first, "driver looked alreet."
The king is dead, long live Michael Vaughaun. I'm sorry that Nasser has chosen this moment to depart the England captaincy, he has been a good team leader, under him England have reached a level of respectability which we have not had for too many years.

Hussain has led us to a run of five consecutive test series wins, including away wins in Sri Lanka and Pakistan, we have competed well against every test playing side except the bloody Australians.

What I have liked most about Nasser though is his unflinching honesty, he has never tried to hide his or the teams failures, and has lauded or admonished his team as the situation merited.

Vaughaun gets to take over an England side in far better shape than the one Hussain inherited, let's just hope that he can maintain his batting form whilst performing the captains role.

Did you know..........Nasser Hussain made his test debut in the same match as Alec Stewart made his ? Vs West Indies, Kingstown, February 1990.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

The Sweet You Can Eat Between Meals
Without Ruining Your Yorkshiresoul

If You've Got the Time, We've Got the Yorkshiresoul.

Think Yorkshiresoul.

How Do You Eat Your Yorkshiresoul?

Much advertising silliness nicked from Neveratoss.

Stevan has also posted a Document Sexupifier which works like this, here is the standard article................

Let it rain, especially at Edgebaston, for the rest of the week.

R5Live said said on Wednesday night...........

"South Africa wil be a much weakened side without Jacque Kallis", yeah ? They might have made 600-1 with him. Hands up anyone who is really happy that Gough is back bowling for England, no, no, I didn't mean you Mr Smith, nor you Mr Gibbs.

And here is the article after being given the Aliatair Campbel treatment.............

Let it rain, especially at Edgebaston, for the rest of the week within 45 minutes.

R5Live said said on Wednesday night within 45 minutes...........

South Africa wil be a much weakened side without Jacque Kallis, yeah within 45 minutes? They might have made 600-1 with him within 45 minutes. Hands up anyone who is really happy that Gough is back bowling for England, no, no, I didn't mean you Mr Smith, nor you Mr Gibbs.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Yorkshire Soul Rambling Quiz

An occasional addition to the blog, when I can be bothered, post your answers in the comments, cheat if you want, invent an answer if you don't know.

1) Name Wes Borland's current band, his old band, and his side project that released an album last year ?

2) Where is the Isle d'Anticosti ?

3) Who wrote 'The Andomeda Strain' ?

4) Who painted this, and what is it called, when was it created ?

5) What was Billy The Kid's proper name ?

6) What was the name of the first penal colony in Australia, named by James Cook ?

7) What is the capitol of Uzbekistan ?

8) Who is the Director of the CIA ?

9) What is the name of this ship ?

10) Who is this ?
Feeling down ? Depressed ? Paint your face white and join the Goths then.
Cricket God

131 and out in the final over trying to slog one, we didn't see it because we were watching the other two brothers in law playing for Burley In Wharfedale 2nd's at Hodson Park.

In this picture Burley all rounder Nick Cockcroft shows off his famous constipated duck batting stance..........

Rob Wheeler starts to hammer them all over the ground in the style of Andy Flintoff, he opens with a 1st ball 4 and things don't get any better for the bowlers........

Burley go on to win with 12 overs to spare, Cocky scores the winning runs. Last photo then, who ate all the slips?............
Tally Ho!

Hunting again on Saturday, in go the hounds.........

In reality this was just a nice afternoon walking the dogs in the countryside, they chased up a couple of scents but with the river being so heavy and full from Fridays rain it was hard work and no mink were found. Still, it was a good, sunny day in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside along the Wharfe up river of Harewood.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Let it rain, especially at Edgebaston, for the rest of the week.

R5Live said said on Wednesday night...........

"South Africa wil be a much weakened side without Jacque Kallis", yeah ? They might have made 600-1 with him. Hands up anyone who is really happy that Gough is back bowling for England, no, no, I didn't mean you Mr Smith, nor you Mr Gibbs.

A rainbow, sort of, with the 18th fairway in the foreground, the view from the front of my house. I've got a way to go before I catch up with Anjarchista in the photo stakes.
GR: "Well, you're equipped to be a prostitute, but you're not one, are you?"

The radio went silent and the interview ended.

Hilarious, to find out why, go
here, it may be the best come back to a dumb remark ever.
There, a new comments thingy set up and running, you can chatter away like mad now, all three of you.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Vegetarian terrorism ?

I have found a disturbing, handwritten note on a box of sausages in the freezer, it reads.....

"It is your fault I am dead and I'm going to haunt you for evermore, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

Haunted by ghostly minced pork products ? Strange, but not nearly as strange as the note found on a box of spuds which proclaimed..........

"All the potatoes really love you Mikey"

It would appear that either

A) My kitchen really is haunted.

or B) Most of my staff are as mad as I am.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I don't know where the bloody comments are this time but I have wiped them from my template and am attempting to install a new system, as is usual, I can't get this to work, bugger.

I have however purchased a digital camera, so here is a picture of my house.........

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Sedge sent me a couple of chefs questions which I haven't got around to answering yet, so here goes.

Question of the day for Mike: If you were at a restaurant that served up a Caesar Salad replete with boiled oeuf. What to do?

I'm flummoxed to be honest, was it hord boiled ? Soft boiled ? In the shell or sliced in to quarters ? Eggs my friend are surprising things, you'd be surprised where they turn up.

Question of the next day for Mike: If you went to a restaurant (different one ... only one sin per restaurant permitted in "Questions without notice") and you were served Morrocan Lamb (O.K. silly choice I know.) and it was OBVIOUSLY "off" ... that catch at the back of the throat acidy rancid aroma evident within 6 blocks of the offending plate. You were then given a lecture on how Moroccan spices are "a bit different" and that some people don't like the unusual tastes and smells. (Subtext: "We've got someone here what's only ever eaten chip butties.")

Moroccan spices are a bit different are they ? Well there is the fiery chilli based Harissa made from olive oil, chillies, caraway, mint, cumin, coriander, garlic and salt. Nothing too different there then, although I find that caraway can react strangely with meat, to my palate anyway.

How about Ras El Hanout ("Head Of Shop") with its blend of 20+ spices, seeds and vital ingredient............Spanish Fly, it's true, honestly. After the meal Sedge, did you feel ill, or randy ?
What with all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it
is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person which almost
went unnoticed last week. Larry La Prise, the man who wrote "The Hokey
Cokey" died peacefully at age 93.

The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin.

They put his left leg in.

And then the trouble started.

(Thanks to JR)

Monday, July 21, 2003

Dr P over at Totty St. Johns CC has a dismal run of luck to report, after showing a skill with coin equal only to Nassar Hussain and achieving seven strait toss losses he followed it up with this at the supermarket, in your own words then........

"Bloody hell, I even lost the toss with Helen yesterday for who got to keep the change at Tesco"

The final ignominy. Even worse, the Totty boys or Totterers perhaps are doing about as well with the bat as they do with the coin and are lying a lowly 9th in the league, but at least they are above Fothergill & Harvey, who despite sounding like a firm of gentlemens outfitters, are shite at cricket.

Cricket God update, out for 6 after throwing the kitchen sink and fittings at a loosener.

A nice picture of a Rose, maybe DSP Andy, or even better, cricketing leg end Dr.P would like to tell me more ?

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Behold the Mighty Huntress

Mad waitress George borrowed her fathers shotgun (with daddies permission!!) to shoot rabbits in the fields around her house. Now, I don't know how much experience she has of firing dangerous weapons, but I'm willing to bet it isn't much.

As she stalked the first rabbit, it unsurprisingly jumped up and did a runner, but 'Dead-Eye' Georgina was ready for it, she trained the gun on the animal and tracked it across the field, then, she shut her eyes..................because the loud bang makes her shut her eyes anyway............and pulled the trigger.

When she opens her eyes again, the rabbit is nowhere to be seen, what is to be seen though is a ewe, down on its side, twitching and gouting blood from a saucer sized hole in its side, good shooting girl, one shot, one confirmed kill, two lambs orphaned.
Restaurant Review - The Priest's House *****

The Priest's House is situated at Barden Tower on the Bolton Abbey Estate, a stunningly beautiful location, especially on the searing hot English summers day that Mrs YS and myself went for lunch.

No bookings are taken for lunch so we turned up good and early, had a quick chat with chef Robert and partner Jo, and were then shown through to the beautiful Oak Room with its view out over the orchard.

We both opted for the Lamb Kofta from the short but imaginative menu, three fat koftas arrived with a pretty garnish and a dipping bowl of minted dressing. The koftas were delightful, full of flavour without being overly spicy, and plenty of them for a starter with Mrs YS declaring she was halfway full already.

Main course for myself was braised lamb sweetbreads in chasseur sauce with golden croutons from the main menu, Mrs YS opted for a jacket potato with creamy mushrooms and bacon from the lighter bites menu. The sweetbreads melted in the mouth, lovely, the croutons nice and crunchy added a good contrast of texture. My main meal came with well seasoned roasted potatoes, nice firm courgettes in thick tomato sauce, and mildly spiced yam.

I opted for a half bottle of Santa Rita Cabernet Sauvignon to accompany my offal, a half bottle ?! I know, I'm slowing down in my dotage.

Mrs YS passed on the pudding, but it would be rude not to wouldn't it ? I chose the pear and almond tart with chocolate sauce. It was warm, and inch deep of luscious, buttery filling with thin sliced pears and lashings of very dark sauce. I had a couple of glasses of port with the dessert.

All in all, a superb lunch in a fantastic venue, we were treated to a look round after our meal and I'm sorely tempted to get a dozen folk together just so we can have an evening meal in the lovely Stargazers Room upstairs.

Lunch with drinks, wine and port came to a very reasonable £45.

The Priest's House
Note to self.........whilst playing frantic air guitar at work (to the strains of Get Your Hands Off My Woman Motherfuuuuuuuucker), put down that dangerously sharp tomato knife you are using, then you won't slice the back of your fingers and bleed all over the starters, ouch.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Say it isn't so!! I thought they were lickety splits, not splitters.

(Cheers to cricket leg end Dr.P)
Behold The Mighty Hunter

Today I managed to fulfill one of my lifes ambitions, and almost by accident. In late night wine fuelled discussion I have said that, given a chance, I would like to go hunting with dogs before our namby pamby government (which I did not vote for) bans all sorts of fun whatsoever.

Early this afternoon I wandered down into the lower car park to find a hunt setting up, people in glossy yellow hunting wescots, big otter hounds anxious for the start, mink were to be the prey. Mink, scourge of the countryside, freed by animal rights noddies to plague and decimate the indigenous wildlife of Britain, Mink, like foxes, kill for pleasure as well as food.

Off we went, down the river with sixteen hounds in full flight, they caught a scent almost right away but it led out in to the parkland East of our grounds so the hounds were called off and sent away up river.

Soon they caught a scent again, then the baying began. Hounds are silent until they are almost on top of their quarry then they bay furiously, shouts went up from the riverbank, the mink had been seen, lightning fast it flew up a tree. The hounds circled the old willow while a volunteer was found to climb 30 feet up and dislodge the vermin with a long stick.

As the climber approached, the mink fled back down the trunk and leapt, for a couple of minutes all was confusion as the mink dived and resurfaced with the hounds swimming after it, then it made for a culvert in the riverbank and in a flash the lead hound was upon it, one heavy bite and the mink was killed, applause followed.

We chased two more mink before I had to return to the kitchen, one escaped North up the river into Bradford One's fishing area, and because the hunt had not asked for permission, we didn't go onto their land even though they would probably have been quite happy to have their most problematic pest removed for free.

Later the hounds scented again near the 4th Tee, up and down the riverbanks they went, this time I had entered fully into the spirit of the hunt and was stood waist deep in the river eagerly scanning the banks for sight of the vermin. The pack had split left and right and the Master and Whipper-Ins with them, alone I stood when, bugger me, here it comes, and I'm waist deep with my valuables at perfect mink biting height, much splashing ensues and the creature turns away.

"In the river bank" I cry.

"Where ?" shouts the Master.

"Right behind that bloody tree" I shout, "And get the hounds on the bugger before it goes for my nads again"

Off we went again but the beast had gone to ground, and despite some heroic digging by the terrier men in sweltering heat, we couldn't get the mink.

Results for the day then, 5 mink scented, two escaped off the property, two vanished on the property (one down a hole, another through an under road culvert) and one beast killed, and a fantastic afternoons sport. I had such a good time that I'm going out again with the hunt in a few weeks time, Mrs YSoul is coming along for the fun as well, any excuse to see me falling over in the river I think.

Not our hunt, but similar.

The hounds swimming after the quarry.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

In last weeks 'Pointless Poll' we discovered that after dying (from shagging Julia from Tatu on LSD), the majority of YSoul readers would like to be reincarnated as...........

'That bloke from the Manics, the one who went missing' ???

So you say that after death you would like to come back as, a dead man ?

Am I missing something here ? Ritchie Manic bloke was followed closely in the poll by fine, upstanding citizen Wattie Buchan, and less than fine, upstanding citizen Genghis Khan.

Ey oop lad, 'ere at tYorkshire toorist boward we say, don't gan ta Lancashire, it's shite.........

This is beautiful Bury............

Preston in the rain................

Saturday afternoon in Accrington.............

Blackburn lose 3-0 at home...............

Coom up to Yorkshire instead, tha knas it maks sense.....

I know the war is over (ish), I just found this piccy I forgot to post while it was all going on.
I had a spot of misfortune yesterday, whilst in the supermarket I bought a Stereophonics album. Why you shout ? Well, it was cheap (only a fiver) and they are always getting featured in Kerrang so I thought I would probably like them.

If you don't know the Stereophonics, they sound like Rod Stewart on Prozac mumbling the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe accompanied by itinerant Mexican banjo players.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Do women really do this on their washing machines ? What if you have an under the counter model ?
Ey up, I'm still here, just buried by work. The Lexus Invitational today, Captain's Day Saturday, Sunday - lunches, 'A' Team and committee on Monday, day in bed Tuesday, no points for the first Mr T comment.

The good news though is, I did get a free Lexus, a free Lexus tee peg that is, pah.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Album review - Permission To Land - The Darkness *****

Remember rock fans, remember the days before Korn and their depressing ilk ? Remember songs that made you smile ? Singers that made you laugh ? Gigs that left you tired, happy and uplifted ? You do ? Well those days are here again.

Like a shining beacon in the endless morass of nu-metal and so called 'emo', The Darkness have come to light our way back to the true faith.

The Darkness look silly, their lyrics on songs like opener Black Shuck (they would have called it Black Dog but someone got there first) are damned silly, but you can see a twinkle in the eyes of Justin Hawkins, Frankie Poullain and co that says "We know, but don't we pull it off well"

You can't help but laugh at Justins astounding vocal acrobatics, the extremely sweary first single 'Get Your Hands Off My Woman (Motherfucker)' has me in stitches.

The Darkness take inspiration from Led Zeppelin, Queen, Boston, Aerosmith and more, and weave it in to a rich and entertaining tapestry. Listen with your eyes closed and you can hear Robert Plant warbling over a Brian May riff and solo, oh yes, it is that good.

Halfway through the album comes my only criticism, I really would like to think that the relentlessly catchy drugs anthem 'Givin Up' is sung with tongue firmly in cheek, after that though it's right back to the histrionic, smile inducing cheesiness of 'Stuck In A Rut' and the corny but wonderful 'Love On The Rocks With No Ice'.

This is a glorious debut, rich with well written and well performed songs, sing a long chorus' abound (if you are wearing tight underwear), catchy riffs and plenty of shape throwing, fret wank solo's accompany. All hail The Darkness, saviours of the soul of rock and roll.

Thursday 9th October, Leeds Uni, come hell, high water or belligerent customers, I'm going, anyone coming with me ?
I probably do these sort of posts far too often, but just one weekends worth of search requests pointing to Yorkshiresoul have come by typing in the following queries..........

Angelina Jolie's Pussy - right, fair go there, it was featured.

Duct tape mummmy bondage pictures - this wasn't though, and try as I might I just can't find anything even faintly erotic about three thousand year old dead Egyptians.

Darren Gough tattoo - when the tattooist has stopped laughing he might ink it for you, in ful bowling action presumably ?

Low Carb "naked Pics" - ?????

Protozoic Era pictures - they didn't have cameras back in those days.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Wine Review - Westend Estate Oak Aged Durif '02, Riverina **

Not a good week for the Australians then, I was really looking forward to this, a grape I had not tried before, Laithwaites write up made it sound full bodied and juicy. Here is a warning note 15% abv, whatever subtle nuances the Durif grape may exhibit, they have been drowned here in a sea of alcohol leaving a muddied and indistinct flavour fighting to assert itself.

The nose was strong and promised ripe berries, but on the tongue it was unclear and without any great character, I would like to hope it will inprove with age, and at 15% it should live a good long while, but is there anything worth improving upon ? Possibly not.
Wine Review - Deen De Bortoli Family Reserve Riesling '02, New South Wales ***

Despite the usual label bullshit ("Bortoli wanted to create blah blah wines true to their terroir blah"), this is dissapointing, lacking in varietal flavour and character. The usual citrus aromas and flavours that you would associate with Riesling are carefully hidden in this wine, it is drinkable, but is not a great example of a great grape.

Bought from Laithwaites.
I went to see brothers in law Chris and Andy playing for the 1st team on Saturday, Chris made 86n.o., Andy made a 100% strike record (1 run from 1 ball faced!), Chris kept wicket and Burley won comfortably on the winning draw rule. Other brother Rob played well in the 2nds who romped to another convincing victory.

In the last four matches the Cricket God's batting figures are as follows........
101 no
170 no
86 no

I make this an average of 360!!!!!!! Can anyone from our other featured team, Totty St. Johns, beat this.

Also well done Yorkshire, who after trying to make a 3rd division all of their own, have now won two matches on the trot in fine style and are second place in a tight 2nd division, Yorkshire also have the best bowling and batting bonus points in the division.

England, what a match. Who else was watching from behind their fingers as our early wickets went tumbling ? Well done that man Flintoff.
Mildly amusing, also not very worksafe.

Bizarre photo art, not worksafe, but we're all adults right ?

Although this features The Smurfs, it is again not even a tiny little bit safe for work.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

The Thing That Should Not Be

We held a cocktail party once at the pub, and made up our own cocktails, our finest creation was The Thing That Should Not Be, a fine concoction featuring Black Beer, Blue Bols and to top it off, a pickled egg.

My memory of the night is hazy to say the least, but I don't think we sold any.
Album Review - Master of Puppets - Metallica *****

Erm, Ysoul ? This album was released in 1986. I know, and it is still fantastic. The 3rd full Metallica album showed the original line up at the height of their creative and musical powers. Master is fast in parts, slow in others, very heavy in all. Although 'Thrash Metal' spawned a thousand wanneba stadium fillers there was something about the top few acts that set them apart from the speed freak multitude, control. Metallica were very fast indeed, but their sound never devolved into the guitar blur used by many in the genre.

The other big speed bands showed a similar control over their instruments, albeit in a variety of styles, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax made up the so called 'Big 4', and where they led, other bands followed, and broke new ground, Nuclear Assault, Suicidal Tendencies, Coroner all brought their own particular style to the genre. For a couple of years thrash caused a schism in the metal fraternity, you either loved thrash, or you hated it, at the beginning there was no middle ground.

Master of Puppets then, just 8 tracks, but every one awesome. Cliff Burton and James Hetfield combining to produce malevolent, crunching rhythm's, Lars Ulrich tight and fast on the drums and Kirk Hammets spiraling solo's lifting and moving the music.

Hetfields lyrics are at his most potent on the anti-drugs title track, the anti-war 'Disposable Heroes' and the anti-evangelist 'Leper Messiah', in fact the young James was anti a whole pile of things, and his youthful rage brought a powerful and cynical edge to the songs.

Musically, Metallica were at their peak, 'Battery' is non stop aural aggression , 'The Thing That Should Not Be' hammers away slowly for it's six and a half minutes broken only by Hammet's cacophonous solo perfectly evoking the madness of Cthulu that Hetfield strives for with his lyrics.

Every serious metal fan should have this album (as well as Ride The Lightning, Justice and Black) pride of place in his collection. It was groundbreaking for the band and for the genre, it put thrash metal at the mainstream of rock, sold millions of copies and turned Metallica in to the most popular band on the planet for a couple of years.

I had a great birthday (36 and looking it for those of a curious nature), it was held at my sisters, all my best friends attended and lent me their toddlers for the afternoon to amuse myself with, thankyou all for the presents and the party.
Ha ha, Google got hacked in todays mass hack outrage.

Go to Google, type in 'weapons of mass destruction' then hit the 'I'm feeling lucky button', have fun now.

(Thanks to JR)

Friday, July 04, 2003

New signing for LUFC

Leeds United manager Peter Reid said today that he has high hopes of making a major new signing this week.

Speaking in tongues he said..........

"Way-aye laddie. Somewoon told us like that that Mark Vivienne Foe is out of contract, and they say he's really good in a dead ball situation man, so as long as Man City don't stiff us on the deal, it's a dead cert."

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Hello dear readers, I'm still here, overworked but at least I'm not underpaid, not this week anyway. Don't forget to get your rude/unpublishable pictures in the e-post for my birthday on Saturday.

Last weeks 'Pointless Poll' revealed that a staggering 33% of Yorkshiresoul readers considered Bohemian Rhapsody to be the most overblown and extravagant rock song of all time, Walk On - Boston came second with 22% of the vote and Bat Out Of Hell - Meatloaf managed 17% of the vote to make third place.

This week, who makes the best red wine in the world ?

I seem to be utterly without inspiration this morning, so I'll post a picture or two and some links instead of doing anything creative.

Here's a splendid waste of five minutes, see if you can build your dream girl or boy on the Speeddater, failing that, maybe you would like to date a girl in a camoflage bikini, with a gun. Do you like a girl with curves, Cindy is all curves and then some.